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  • Wtb Mac 7535 seaplane prop

    Let me know what ya got. Have a sen 76ak-2-40 I can work a deal with

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    I ran a Sens 76AK-2-either a 40 or 38 pitch prop on my PA-11 for a number or years as the seaplane prop and gravel bar prop.
    I was able to exceed redline on the rpms if I was not careful. Plus it killed any speed or altitude ability.
    A 35 pitch might be asking for trouble.

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      I am wanting as good of take off/climb as i can get. The sen gets close to 2500 on t/o, would like to get a touch over 2600. Maybe I'll just repitch the 40 down 2". I also have a 76/36 catto that does well. To my understanding if you pay attention to Rpms you can turn them to 2750 for short periods of time...like takeoff for 10-15 secs. Not to worried about losing a few mph, I'm in a cub.


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        Check your mechanical tach readings against a optical tach reading on the prop. Your RPM sounds too low. Mine would go past 2700.
        If your tach is reading correctly, then you have another problem keeping you from obtaining full power.

        There are times when a Cub prop can be too flat. Like when you need to climb over Cook Inlet, or when trying to climb out of a canyon on a hot summer day.

        I used to have a J5A with a 125 horse, when my prop was a 78 inch long by 48 pitch I could climb up to over 10,000 feet and cut across mountains. Plus I could cruise at 95 mph once I got up high. It took-off OK but the big problem was extra thrust on landings. Even at idle it would pull me down the strip.

        So I had it re-pitched for 41 inches. It took off a little better on cool days and would slow down faster on landings. But I could hardly get up to 5,000 feet in the summer. Which sucks when you are over the middle of Prince William Sound.
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          if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion.

          With only 20-ish hours in the front seat there is nothing that 2" less pitch on a prop is going to do for your performance.
          the best "MOD" you can make to your aircraft is gas and time. until you can hit the mark every time when it comes to your ground roll and know your takeoff distance to the couple of feetyou are just wasting money and a perfectly good prop . unless you are some prodigy in the pilot seat I know you aren't flying that plane to its potential at 20 hrs.

          best of luck and hope to see you out flying around.


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            Have to agree with 8607V...you can modify an airplane to change its performance parameters...and after you have 400-500 hours you might be at a point where your skills and your assessment of the airplane are good enough to have a fully understanding of whether it will really benefit you...until then the best thing you can do is fly it.
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