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Looking for used headsets or parts

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  • BQuad
    Let us know how that works out. Many of the kayak helmets are kevlar weave, and designed to take multiple hard knock off rocks, unlike bike helmets good for one whack.

    I picked up a David Clark K-10 which is working fine, but I know it's not crash rated, should protect me from that J-3 Metal Spar in turbulence though. I have a hard time understanding why aviation helmets are so expensive, a top end carbon fiber snowmobile helmet goes for under $500. Seems like modifying a helmet to fit David Clarks, wouldn't be too difficult.

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  • Float Pilot
    started a topic Looking for used headsets or parts

    Looking for used headsets or parts

    I am experimenting with modifying a kayaking helmet for flight use.
    I am looking for a used set of Dave Clark lightweights or something similar.
    I will be removing the head band parts and trying to mount the ear cups and wiring in and on the helmet.

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