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  • Newbie ? Anchorage airspace and no electric

    Probably a stupid question, but where can you base out of in Anchorage if you have a plane with no electrical system. I am considering a small tail dragger: J-3, PA-11, Taylorcraft, Champ. Some of them have no electrical systems or just a radio, what are requirements for lights, transponders, radios, etc? No night flying is ok.

    Any differences between Lake Hood gravel strip and Merrill? Birchwood is too far of a drive to be practical.

    Anything else to consider when deciding?


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    Sorry, found the answer with a search for transponder, coudln't figure out how to delete the thread.


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      I have flown a non-electric plane through and to Anchorage many times. My last plane had a hand-held radio jacked into an antenna mounted above the cockpit and a NINE-VOLT battery powered intercom with a push to talk switch. You just tell them you can't sqawk and they tell you to report any altitude changes. They did get ticked off a couple times when my battery died and I was off the air changing batteries. After that I just carried a spare radio of the same type.

      With the little ICOM hooked up to an external antenna, I could transmit about 25 miles and I could receive signals from 100 miles away.
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