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A personal plea as we head into hunting season...

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  • A personal plea as we head into hunting season...

    Seems like every year a rash of accidents comes around about now.

    Lots of us know a few folks that aren't with us anymore.

    For my part, I'd like to focus on ways to make sure my decisions don't contribute to any sad stories this fall. So, I plan to:

    1. Practice on long runways for enough hours to hone any lost skills and in a manner that enables me to know what performance my plane is capable of.
    2. Use landing zones that are twice the length that I actually need.
    3. Regularly cycle on my carb heat whenever I am below 1,000 feet agl.
    4. Fly straight for 10 seconds after any animal sighting, make a 180 degree turn, and fly the airplane, not the animal, the entire time.
    5. Plan for at least a 1 hour reserve of fuel at all times.
    6. Land only places where I am absolutely confident in the nature of the landing surface as it relates to my tire size.
    7. Fly in weather that I would be willing to take my mother flying in.

    I probably should have added a few more.

    Perhaps you or some pilot you know has a different set of needs in order to ensure competency and adequate decision-making to avoid sad stories. Feel free to post them.

    I'm all for getting out and flying, and I believe in making use of airplanes. But I also believe in coming home to my family. Every year about now it seems some folks don't make it home. Be careful out there.
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    Amen Troy! Great post. I am about to fly out on a sheep hunt and because I cant quite say that I am 100% confident on each of those in the area I am headed, I am going to be flying in with a transporter. Just not worth the risk at this point and all I have done since I got my license is practice for off airport hunting. Just not quite 100% there yet. Hopefully by next year!
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      And remember that a short strip does not need to mean a short tight pattern. Steep banks at low speeds have nailed more than a few pilots.
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        Good point FP! Long stable approaches, usually end in nice landings!


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          The FAA fixation on stabilized approaches is because it works...
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            My hunting season advice- practice short ops and max-performance maneuvers at gross weight.


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              ...and make two flights rather than be a test pilot with a huge load out of a short strip...
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