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  • Fly in for Silvers and Bears

    Hey All

    Looking to do something special around Aug 20 with my sister and family. Had hoped to fly down to the Brooks for them to see the bears but am told the bears move off during this period. Any thoughts on where might be a great day trip for bears and silvers. I am not opposed to paying a guide with boat. Not sure how Big River Lakes would be however if anyone has a contact for a guide service down there it would be much appreciated. I have left a message for Redoubt Mountain to see if they might have a boat and guide avail. Oh ya we are on floats.

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    we went to redoubt mountain lodge(the one on crescent lake) several years ago about the time you are going. we flew ourselves in on floats and we stayed a couple nights. its a big lake but the outlet is pretty protected. the silver fishing was silly and there were plenty of bears. the lodge was very well run and the food was very good. at least at that time they were taking day trippers from kenai that came over on an otter for a day of guided fishing. i would assume they could accomodate you, you might consider staying for dinner if time permits.
    i understand there is a similarly named lodge called redoubt bay lodge on big river lakes but i have no experience with them that i can pass on.


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      Cplne I would suggest Talon Air out of Soldatna. Fly in fish and bear viewing. The fishing has always been awesome. And the bears have been sparse though the 6-8 boats in the line up may have had them spooked.


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        Thanks Lake Creek. I left a e mail for them and hope to hear back from them, what a beautiful spot.
        Curious, do you have a place on Lake Creek? We are on Fish Lakes Creek across from the Northwoods, stop by.

        Thanks Stone, have my own plane. Part of the joy is getting there.


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          we used to be on the first fish lake above mud lake but got tired of dealing with the connector stream between mud lake and fish lakes. we are on bulchitna now. a lot more crowded over there but easier access to the creek. do you own one of those cabins across from northwoods that eric johnson built?


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            Yep. We are the couple that built the addition on the small cabin next to the Pruhs. Eric built the addition last winter pretty much by himself, outstanding. HGTV was filming up your way several weeks ago, nice place being built. I will be up next week chasin the silvers


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