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  • Bendix mag problems

    Because Jason Dye, AK Fish and Game Bristol Bay said on Thursday that 1/2 million red salmon entered lake Illianama and after comittments on the 4th. I knew that I needed to get over there and get some red's for the freezer.

    Launched out of PABV at 08:30 hrs today and the climbout was not as strong after a kind of normal Mag check. I was only seeing about 800 ft per minute on the 100 mph climbout. Around the mouth of the Susitna river there was some background roughness to the engine. Enriched mixture and that helped a bit but still worrysome. I checked the mags at 23 suared at 6,000 ft. Right was perfect but the left was ragged, not total failure but intermittant random misses.

    I turned around and came back to PABV, and called my mechanic, amazingly John was able to get out to the hangar and after talking about it we decided to pull the mags and have both overhaulled at the same time, good maintenance practice. All the plugs were a nice light brown without a lot of lead, carbon build up. Harness is almost new.

    Right side mag when turned manually had bright blue sparks all the way around. Left side mag had no noticable spark. Again amazingly John's mag guy Krystoff was also available and he said that the condenser inside the left mag was shot but we need to wait until monday to get the replacement part.

    So much for fishing, but if you know your engine, do not be overwhelmed with the mission and forget about condition.

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    Nearly the same thing in May. I ran the engine at full power and did the SB on fuel pump pressure for the 520D , put the plane back in the hanger. A couple of days later loaded up taxied out bad mag check. Pulled the bad one and found a bad impulse coupling. Then decided to check the other one and found the coupling on that one wasn't working. Both had about 400 hrs on them, I replaced both with new, cheaper with Slicks. I've found if one is bad the other is chasing it and may be there soon. Oh ya, just remembered had both mags start breaking down on a night patrol , the oil seal on the Bendex mags were leaking and they both went close together. Made it to a rwy barely running. I guess my thoughts are do both or at least have the good one check if you have any problem at all.


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      If the condenser was shot, what did the points look like?


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        We are going to overhaul both for 5 aircraft units AKA $500.00. I am sure it will include new points. What I did not know is that there are two condensors one on the outside of the mag and one in the case .... according to what I am being told.


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