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Silvers mid August

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  • avidflyer
    The mud hole on the Kustatan is an easy one for the 185. its a quick walk to the river and fishing there is normally pretty hot if you watch the tides. Big River Lakes is another one that you can get to really easy, and you can fish off the floats. Other areas I hit are pretty dicey getting the 185 into. I will do them in them in my Avid and PA12, but wont take the 180 in there.

    You can land in the river and hit the mouth of Lake Creek as well.

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  • cplne
    started a topic Silvers mid August

    Silvers mid August

    Any suggestions where we can get the 185 floats in for some great Silver fishing mid August. We are near skweetna someplace west Cook inlet would be ideal.

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