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    After a 23 year hiatus from flying, I need more than a simple BFR. The instructors I know in Fairbanks are at this point busy, or out of town. It's time to broaden my search. I'm looking for somebody (again in Fairbanks) with tail wheel and C170 time. Who have you used recently for tail wheel instruction, BFR, etc? What did you like about that person? Did they plan out the expectations before the flight? Did they articulate the specific items they wanted to see? Did they demonstrate? How did they help you be comfortable? Were they timely? Did they use your time well? What were the pros you noted during your time spent w/ them? Would you use them again?
    I am not looking for a cheap, quick, shallow check ride. I need to get completely retrained and up to speed. Seeing as how I am going to spend more than an hour or so w/ this person, I'd like to explore some options.
    Thanks for the time,

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    sent you pm


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      Found an instructor w/ time and experience. Whoop!!!
      Ordered up my new plastic "I speak English" license. Did not know I needed one till yesterday.
      I have the Airworthiness Cert, W/B, Registration, Ops Handbook, and my very special Medical. Seems they think somehow my prostate is directly connected to my feet, hands, or head, but I got a go.

      So, now I'm waiting for weather, and off I go!!!



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