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Charter Flights out of Fairbanks/Interior

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  • Charter Flights out of Fairbanks/Interior

    This seemed like the best place to post this, however if it should be somewhere else I will be happy to move it. So my parents are coming up from the lower 48 to visit for the first time the last week of July and have expressed interest in taking a flight seeing tour to possibly include a float or glacier landing. I would be looking at probably 4-5 passengers and what like some reputable who wont rake me over the coals and might be able to suggest a good route that would total 1-4 hours. I don't know if something to Mckinley would be doable or practical and I would be more than willing to drive to Healy to make this more feesable and practical but I am open to other suggested routes as well. Thank you in advance for any and all advise.

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    Check with FlyDenali. They have good equipment and seemingly experienced pilots. (I operate out of Healy near them Aug1 to Sep 25 but mostly hauling outfitters stuff. Couple drop hunts, rafters, of course too) I don't know them personally but I've popped in and out a couple times a year and say hi or get a cup of coffee. Seem like good people and your are not paying for transit time. You are at the base of the mountains.

    That MAY be the best use of your money…..You are on the mountain in a few minutes out of there. Even a 30 min hop around the foothills there would be more scenic than a 1.5 out of Fairbanks. (think low weather)
    If you were a week or two later I'd hook you up myself.

    Also may check with Denali Air off the Denali Private strip. They fly several Navajo's. Rumor has it, they are greenies so give your money to FlyDenali if so. Kidding of course! …….sorta

    Just quick thoughts. PM if questions.


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      There were a few diff operations offering glacier landings. Talkeetna Air had turbine beavers on wheel skiis...they may have gone back to operating on the South side though.


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