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Landing at hook point on hinchinbrook

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  • Landing at hook point on hinchinbrook

    I am going to stay at the forest service cabin on Hinchinbrook island. I know about the tides I'm more concerned if there is a place to tie down above a 12 foot tide on the beach that you can land on. Any pointers from people that have been there would help allot!

    Thank you


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    It has been many years since I used to fly regularly to Hook Point. I never stayed over night and always landed on the hard wet sand with the tide out. Just be mindful of the visual aspect usually only associated with glassy water landings. And that is as you get close to touchdown on that wide flat grey-sand beach, depth perception becomes almost non-existent and you end up having to touch down much the same as you would in a glassy water landing on floats. There are probably places to tie down above the high tide line, but it would probably be best to push the airplane back into such a spot rather than taxi under power.

    See if Google earth offers any visual clues. Also you might call Cordova Air Service and ask them about Hook Point.


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      There are several links to Hook Pt if you Google "Hook Point Hinchenbrook Island," including a youtube video. If the possibility for tying down your plane is really iffy, you might consider tying down in Cordova and having Cordova Air drop you off and pick you up from Hook point.


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        Thank you, I will look at google earth! I couldn't find any you tube videos but I will look again.


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          Paying someone else to fly me out there takes the fun out of it anyway! I have landed at most of the cabins on montague. And I can tell you getting the plane above high tide is a pain at a few of them!


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            Hook Point youtube videos



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              Just found them, looks like a bit of soft white sand to make it into the grass to be above high tide :-(


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                I parked in the grass just above the beach on a few 13 ft tides and had plenty of room to spare last year. i know i am late on the response but there is always this year.


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