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Haul road to Bettles to Ambler

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  • Haul road to Bettles to Ambler

    Has anyone flown from the haul road toward Bettles and then toward Ambler. Lookng at the route and considering my range it looks like a good trip. I am thinking about an early September time frame and am wondering about off airport landing areas.

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    Hard to tell you without more info about type of plane and landing gear. Wheels? Floats? Cub or 172?

    Many places for floats if you know how to read water, and it is a reasonable September for rain. Some years it is really low water, so the rivers become challenging on floats. Plenty of sandbars on the Koyukuk and Kobuk for most planes, some are sandy and a little soft. Check out Google Earth, and you will get some idea of the size and shape of sandbars.

    Be aware there is no fuel along that route unless you continue to Kotzebue, or back track to Bettles. Make sure you have enough to allow for weather delays and exploring around. It is easy to get caught short with standard range planes.

    I was in Ambler last August, and there was only 120 gallons of car gas in the village. I was hiring a boat to use to go flyfish Sheefish, and paid $10 a gallon for 20 gallons. Wouldn't be putting it in my plane. Same goes for Kobuk and Shungnak.


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      There is an air service in Ambler with avgas. Whether or not he'll sell you gas I don't know. Once you leave the Koy R. there won't be much for wheel landing spots until you get down the Kobuk a ways.
      There is a mine and strip on clear creek(I think that's the name) off of the Hogatza R.
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