Bought a Maule, have to change my handle...



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  • Bought a Maule, have to change my handle...

    Well, I done and did it. I bought a Maule. Now I have to change my forum ID from FbxPacerDriver to... um, lemme think. FbxMauleDriver?

    Two questions:
    1) I have lots of time in the Pacer and a little time in Maules. I've spent some time with a CFI in the new bird, so I'm barely capable to fly it. What should I watch out for, either flying it or maintaining it? (I figure it's cheaper to listen, than to learn the bad things all by myself.)

    2) Can a guy advertise his old plane on a thread? I looked in the FAQ and didn't see anything about it.

    Thanks for any input.
    Soon-to-be Former FbxPacerDriver

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    What model Maule?

    If it's a tw plane, having been flying the Pacer, you will be more than qualified. The Pacer is far more short-coupled than the Maule's are.
    The best mod you could put in that plane now is a ton of fuel. Fly it like some vote; Early and often.


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      Maule M-6-235

      It's an M-6 with 235 Lycoming motor.

      Difficulties I'm having are:
      1) rudder trim / aileron interconnect. All turns in a Pacer are preceded by rudder input. not so in a Maule. However, at slow airspeeds, you have to stay on the rudders like a Pacer.
      2) Watching the MP gauge at high power settings then switching to the Tach for low power settings.
      3) significantly more left-turning tendency after mashing the throttle.



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        You can advertise your old plane in the Swap and Sell Forum. As for your name, I can change that for you if you'd like. We don't generally change usernames, but under the circumstances... :topjob: Congrats on the new wings!


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          If it was some time ago when you obtained your Hi-Performance sign-off, it will all slowly come back to you...
          BTW,,,, That would be a nice floatplane...
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            Congratulations on the new plane! This thread got my interest cause I just made the same transition myself about 3 months ago. Been beating around the bush ( Maule) for many years and finally had the stars align. I have the M6 IO-540 and could not be more happy. I don't have the wing mod. Do you have it done to yours? I am sure you know enough by now to know what others have said about the lack of aileron control without the modification. Lack of aileron control with crosswinds seem to be the most common concern that I have read about. Have fun!


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              aileron mod

              Sorry for the delay; I thought I had responded to your questions, faithnhim.

              I think they are original ailerons. It behaves like a pacer when you get way slowed down, and that means more rudder input for turns.

              Practice, practice...



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