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  • Who's been riding?

    Just wondering who has been out riden any of the trails. Iam hopen to get out soon and get muddy, but I really dont want to go to knik. Has anyone been out that would be willing to give an update on the trails that are some what open?
    Big Daddy
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    You might try the trail from Slipper Lake to Buffalo Mine Road. It has plenty of water and mud as of last weekend. We cleared a bunch of trees off the trail so it is rideable.
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      Rode Baldy off of Church Rd. last weekend and it is getting good riding most the way up. I suspect by this weekend it will be even better.


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        Every time life allows a trip to the cabin.....It falls short of fruition.

        Hoping for TIME.


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          So I went up the B-29 trail yesterday, and was disgusted in the amount of trash, fires left unattended. I cannot believe that people can trash this place like that. I picked a rhino bed full, but thier is still tons of trash. Over the years of going up this trail it is getting worse and worse. I will probably be back up there this weekend picking more trash up.
          So if anyone goes up there take a trash bag and fill it please that place is disgusting.


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            How do you get to the b-29 trail? One of the few places I haven't been too yet. Need to get the family out. I imagine sutton won't ve ready for good riding until may time frame...


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