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  • handlebar grab bar?

    Does anyone know where I could find an aftermarket bar that attaches to the ATV's handlebars that loops backwards for a kid to hold onto while riding with me on my ATV? I met a guy a few years back that had one installed on his ATV, I thought maybe it was a MOOSE product, but can't seem to find anything...Please help

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    I believe what you are describing is an accessory usually found on a snowmobile. They are for added leverage when side hilling. I don't know why they wouldn't work for a kid to hang on to while riding in front of you. They should be available at places like Fish Creek Sales there in Wasilla. The aftermarket ones usually attach with either a hose clamp or a U Bolt. Most people refer to them as a "mountain bar" or a "mountain strap". Take a good look at your ATV throttle and brake cable setups. They might interfere with the way you need to mount it to get it back at enough of an angle for a kid to hang onto. Good Luck. Hope this is what you had in mind. Maybe others have tried this and can give you some additional ideas.


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      On a snowmobile it's called a mountain bar. Any snowmobile shop or online store that has snowmobile gear should have that.
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        I will never ever ride again with a kid in front of me on a snowmachine or ATV. I have now been tossed over the bars twice in 3 years due to mechanical failures. Once on my Arctic Cat and once on an old Suzuki. On the Cat it was a brake caliper that jambed into the rim, on the Suzi it was a rear driveshaft failure. Both times I was doing less than 15 mph, the same speed I often cruised around with my little kids in front of me. After the second oops I realized that it was bad news to have a kid in front of me, my body weight could have easily crushed them. If they aren't old enough to hang on behind me, they don't go now. In fact, we now have a two up machine to take any smaller kids that come with us.

        Ask LuJon how quickly a simple trip with a small child can turn dramatic in a hurry.

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          Thanks for the response. For some reason I was thinking of a product specific to four-wheelers, didn't think of a mountain bar. I picked up one last night and installed it. My boy is already asking to go for a ride this morning. As for kids' safety, I try and be cautious and have the right gear. There are so many things that can go wrong with kids in the picture, but you're just as likely to get in a car accident on the highway to your favorite riding spot. Be safe.


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