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Ranger 400 mid size anyone got one?

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  • Ranger 400 mid size anyone got one?

    I'm looking into the new Ranger 400. Does anyone here have one and what can you tell me about it's performance. It looks pretty decent for the price, I'm wondering how it does in bog, mud, you know the basic Alaskan trail to moose camp sort of thing.

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    Has anyone even seen one on the trails? got a friend that has one? heard from their cousin jim bob how cool it was in kansas, nothin??


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      IMHO a 400 with a heavy load may not do well in bogs or steep inclines.

      Have a 700efi ranger and there are some situations that every bit of HP is needed. Especially heading home with a full moose and gear.

      On the other hand I remember hunting on 3 wheelers and surviving just fine. Just a matter of preference.


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        Well took a fella out this weekend who bought the 500efi midsiz. Anyhow here are my observations on it. 1 ground clearance was not enough! I had to pull him up a couple of hills. 2 get better tires they come with 489 up grade if you can. The bed I hauled3 55 gal barrels, 80lbs of dog food, him two 55 gal barrels and that's it. But the main thing was ground clearance not enough!


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          Yeah, the thing only comes with 10 inches of clearance, definetely would need a two inch lift, and then larger tires, I was thinking 27's would work ok. then it should have 12+ of clearance. Did you have to pull him up a hill because of lack of power or was he bottoming out in the ruts?


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            Cause of the ruts he was pushing snow if ge had 2-3 inches more clearance he would have been golden. He had plenty of power, the other strike lack of storage space but it has more than a 4 wheeler. But other than that it looks like a good machine w/ plenty of power


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