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    Over the weekend I picked up my first ATV ~ 2010 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO. It came with 3500 polaris winch, as well as pull starter. I've been on buddies Kawasaki wheeler a few times on various hunts, so I'm not total newby in terms of riding them.

    Questions include what type of accesories do most guys outfit these with? Wheeler to be used for occasional hunting trip, also plan on using for snowplow (unless this is real hard on them). I"m thinking the racks for front and back as well as gun scabbord.

    Another question is service ~ I'm pretty mechanically inclined, however is it best to take in to the dealer and have service done each year?

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    I think for hunting you want a minimum of a winch and good tires. Sounds like you have a great winch, so i would consider upgrading tires. The stock ones are usually pretty good if they have a lot of tread left. If worn, i would definitely consider after market tires.

    You said front and rear racks. Doesn't your rig have racks? I like having a box of some sort to contain help with loading all the junk you may take on a hunting trip or just out putting around in the woods.

    Oh yeah, how many bungee cords do you need for a hunting trip? Answer: Just one more

    If the ATV is still under warranty, i'd take it to the dealer for service. If not, do it yourself - most stuff isn't that hard.

    Enjoy your new rig!
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      TW, I am no expert but acesn8's sounds like he knows what he's talkin' bout. I got bungees in every compartment possible
      Just wanted to stop by and say congrats, I just got a off-road vehicle(two wheels), and I believe I'm as tickled as you.
      See ya on the trail.
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        The one thing I take is a pull me out strap and a ax of some kind
        take it out and get the feel of it have some fun with it get to know what it well do and not do
        Like they say on Tv become one
        i have a old 350L polairs 4x and have been throw a lot and I still love it
        Just use your head have fun an be safe


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          Those guys have pretty good input.

          As far as plowing, it can be really hard on them. As long as you use common sense and dont try to plow too much at a time they do a pretty good job. It is easy to overdo it though and things will break.


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