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  • Rhino

    I have a 2008 rhino 700, I'm haven a problem with it blowing the ignition fuse which is a 10, I put a 15 and it still blows that. It seems to be blowing when it is left outside. If I put it in the garage and warm up it doesn't blow.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me
    Big Daddy

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    DON'T put it outside


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      Sounds like a very serious problem, probably out to sell it outright and just be done with it....did I mention I'm in the market for a good used UTV with starting problems...

      I don't know what that could be, other than it's having to pull more juice to turn it over in the cold, maybe a short in the starter relay???


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        Easy fix! Put a 35amp fuse in it and look for the smoke!

        Seriously, here is more then likly going on if it does this outside VS. inside. You simply have a "short" in the wiring, my guess, start with the ignition circuit. If you park it outside, it's cold, what happens to things when they get cold? THEY "SHRINK", lose connection. Park it inside and vwalla! No shrinkage (pun tended ) you don't lose a connection. Check to make sure that you don't have a "PIN" stretched to tight in a plug connector. If all looks good, start looking for chaffed wires, (short to ground, fuse go POP!)

        Good luck!


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          Maybe water somewhere that is freezing and causing a problem. Does the fuse blow as soon as you turn the key?


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            Yes it blows as soon as I turn the key. I know it sounds weird but it happening everytime I put it in the garage it doesn't blow
            This all started last hunting season it blew maybe three times while out hunting. Then it blew on an off over the winter but it's getting worse. I'm stumped on this one.
            Big daddy


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              maybe water is froze in the starter housing or the starter solenoid. Maybe take the starter out and see if you can shake some water out of it. Or maybe Mud or ice is causing a wiring harness to sag and ground out on the frame.


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