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Anymore Rokon Experiences on here?

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  • Anymore Rokon Experiences on here?

    Kinda thinking about getting a Rokon again. About every 6 months I start thinking about it.

    2 Things that hold me up about it.

    1. I think they cost to much. I honestly dont see why this thing should cost more than 2000.00. Rokon has probabably been in business for this long cause of the huge profitibility in the machine.

    However, It is unique and if it provided me a way to get to some neat spots it would be worth the cost. But, that would mean I would be solo most the time. Dont know anyone who would buy a Rokon.

    2. How are they on Muskeg? I imagine me riding it through flat forest areas laced with open muskeg/marshy areas.

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