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Need advise on ATV track systems

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  • Need advise on ATV track systems

    I'm starting to research the purchase of an ATV and track setup.
    For those of you that have track systems on your ATV's 1/what system do you have and 2/how has it been reliability wise.

    I'm leaning towards the Camoplast All Season setup.

    Still trying to figure out what ATV to purchase as well.
    My leaning in the ATV realm is towards a Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI EPS SE.
    Anyone got one and care to share your thoughts on it?

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    Drifter I rode a Can Am with tracks while I was in the lower 48 this past Dec. That thing was unreal, all the power you could want, very nice ride, easy steering (power I think) and go through the snow real good. It was a friend of mine's and he has rode about everyone made and he said it is the best one he has had. Do not remember if it was 800cc or the 1000cc, but even with the track, it did not lack power. I think the one down side is it is a high dollar machine. Good luck with what ever you get and post some pictures with the track sit up. Dan
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      Those Outlanders are sweet but pretty spendy when you get into the top models.
      The 800R X MR is 15 1/2 grand!!!!! That's about 2 1/2 grand more than the Yamaha I'm looking at.
      That extra cash can almost pay for the track kit.


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        Depends on the terrain you plan to use it in. Tracks cost various amounts, but they perform differently as well. Mattracks are the most capable, but cost the most. Camoplast look interesting for the money. Tracks take power to turn and put a lot of leverage on the suspension and drive shafts. Any track will work on smooth terrain, the variable is when it starts getting rough. I ran a couple sets of AD Bovin on a 800 Grizz and 700 Sportsman on the Seward Penninsula. There was minimal snow on most of the tundra. Crossing streams with ice on the edge was very difficult, or anything that had a vertical rise of 4" or more. There wasn't enough approach angle and zero ability of the track to flex and conform to the terrain and it just flat out tore those machines apart. It broke ball joints, a arms, and driveshafts frequently. If you stayed on soft snow they worked well, anywhere else... no way.


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          I have a Grizzly 700 with Camoplast 4s tracks.
          They work better than I thought they would. I'd been a long time mountain sled rider and just wanted something a little slower paced.
          I have posted plenty of pictures here,
          I use the same screen name at that site so you could search for more pics.
          A friend of mine has Matt tracks on his Grizzly 700, the Camoplast are better in the snow.
          I think the Grizzly is a good match with the tracks, at least on snow. The lighter the machine the better, you need that flotation.
          Also locking front end is a must have.
          The snow conditions dictate ease of steering. Wet heavy snow the steering can get pretty tough.
          They are completely different than a snowmachine, just a different way to go over the snow.
          I'll get between 5 to 10 mpg, most of the time 6.5. Most of my riding are on trails, at 5-6mph, like the ones in the link I posted.
          Plan on 20mph travel speed on packed snow, the Griz tops out at 39mph w/tracks.
          I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have.
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            Thanks for the info guys.

            Does your machine have the electric power steering assist? I think that it would make a difference over standard non-ps.
            Have you run it through bog/swamp/tundra type areas during the no snow months of the year? If so, how did it fair in those conditions?


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              Yes I have the power steering.
              The power steering does make a difference, but you still get in spots that will make the steering hard, deep mud, wet snow, etc. The tracks stick out in front pretty far, that's quite a lever out there you have to overcome. On gravel roads it steers about like on tires.
              Haven't been through much in the way of bogs, etc. Mostly snow. The limited amount of bogs I've been through it floated pretty well.
              One thing to watch out far is climbing over logs. The front track will make it over, but the back track lacks the approach angle to climb over larger logs. The back track will try to go under the log. Packing a chainsaw with you is a must.
              Another thing, if you roll one over don't think you can upright it by hand. I pack a rope come-along with me. Learned this the hard way! Having said that they are extremely stable on the side hills, but they can be rolled.
              Search youtube, lots of videos of ATVs on tracks.
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                Thanks for the info.


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                  Tatou 4s. Nothing else comes close. Mine have been on for three years, Might have a 100 miles on tires in those three years. Very dependable. On a Honda Rincon. Goes anywhere.


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