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  • Polaris Sportsman 500 and 325...

    Hello all! I am completely wet behind the ears regarding ATV's, but I was just offered a deal on the mentioned machines, with trailer, and acc. for $7500

    They are 2000, and 2001 models. The 500 has about 750 miles on it, the 325 about 20 hours so I was told. They appear to be meticulously maintained (normal wear and tear). Im not interested in hot-rodding, just good dependable hunting/camping rigs my son and I can enjoy.

    From the outside, am I looking at a reasonable deal here? Thanks in advance!

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    If you like Polaris then I say go for it but make sure you check them over THOUROUGHLY before you lay down the cash, cv boots, axles, wheel bearings, engine, airbox, and all the fluids too. Or you could spend some cash and have a technician look them over if you don't know what to look for. Good luck.


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      AK's right....

      A good wash job and some armor all can make a junker look new again. CV boots are very important and can be expensive to fix if the joint goes out. Check the fluids and make sure there is no evidence of water. Ride it a bit then check the fluids again. Don't just kick the tires and call it good!

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        flyinfish, don't buy neither of them. hell, i purchased a brand new '05 sportsmans 500 HO in mossy oak with a warn winch for $6,500 Brand new just out of the crate last year in June. Who are these people your thinking of buying from? stay away from them


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          Considering the years of the machines, I'd say wait. Better deals will come along. Those are alittle high.


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            The prices are high for the year. A 2000 500 is 2500-3500 and the 335 is a bit lower. There are better deals out there AND the newer machines are a better product.
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              Polaris purchase


              Along with the other suggestions of what to check out, also ask them where they have ridden and what kind of "use" or "abuse" and maintenance have they have had. What kind of shape are the drive belts in? Post their responses before purchasing.

              What exactly are the accessories and what size trailer?

              This COULD be a fair deal.

              Mike S (AKSP500)


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