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Need to replace wire winch rope

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  • Need to replace wire winch rope

    Ok guys, help me out. I've got a Superwinch circa '99,'00 on my Foreman. I know there's supposed to be some type of release for the winch drum but I can't seem to locate it. That said, I haven't pulled the winch all the way off either... Does anyone have experience with this? Do I need to remove it completely to access the release? If I loosen the large allen bolt on the end of the spool will that do it? I would take it in and have it done but I'd rather learn how to do it myself.... Thanks!

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    To get exact info you will need the Superwinch part number. Here is a link to the owner’s manual for one of their earlier ATV winches. If this is the wrong one, go to their website, search for your part number, and on that page you should see a link to download the owner’s manual.

    Good luck


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