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ATV/ORV Hunting Use & Related Regulations

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  • ATV/ORV Hunting Use & Related Regulations

    I've been doing research on back country use of ATV's/ORV's (under 1000 lbs) for hunting/fishing and I can't believe how complicated and bothersome it is to find answers on what's accepted and not accepted in any given area. Despite my best efforts, I've not found a set standard I'm comfortable with applying to a specific game unit.

    ADF&G's regulations state it's your responsibility to research what the applicable rules and regulations are for the land you plan to hunt (which is sometimes limited and/or restricted). This information is not always immediately available. For example, some departments that govern specific land ownership allow cutting of trails no more than 5' in width with hand tools and others don't allow any ATV/ORV use at all. Other lands allow ATV/ORV use as long as your on existing trails, if available.

    Regardless of the restrictions, looking at some maps it appears that land ownership is haphazard, arbitrary, and at times a full-time job to figure out - either that, or I'm reading the color coded PDF maps and regulations on my computer all wrong. To make matters worse (if it could get any worse), tonight I read that there are further restrictions to using an ATV/ORV and crossing Anadromous Waters - and in some areas, further restrictions are placed if the land falls under the Susitna Basin Recreation Rivers Management Plan or other yet to be determined classified or restricted area I never heard of before.

    I've used the search engine and found nothing that clearly addresses this topic. Any and all help would be and is most appreciated. I'm currently researching Unit 16 and plan to visit the local LEO and see if he/she can offer some direction.
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    I have come to expect red tape and confusion coming from government agencies. They all act like theirs are the only regulations and therefore everyone should have the time to research their regs. Never mind that there are a dozen other agencies doing the same thing. None of them are willing to bend enough to standardize their regs with other offices.


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