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  • That time of year

    Due to a MC accident in July of 2010, I wasn't able to do any riding after that. I usually run the trails behind Eureka. I was wondering if anyone did the Flat Creek trail to the little Nel and how it compared to going down Monument. About 4 years ago, Monument looked a little ragged, so went to Flat Creek. Ended up turning around due to mud everywhere, and braving the climb. Thanks Mike

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    The mud on flat creek is what makes it fun. We go the flat creek route rather than Monument trail. We generally have some riders that do not have much riding time and flat creek is a better route. Beside we generally see more wildlife on the flat creek trail. I guess it also depends on where you are going once one gets to the little Nel.
    We plan on at least two to three trips there before hunting season. Maybe we will see you there.


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      Thanks AK Bearcat, ususally it is a fun ride until hunting. Then we are draging trailers back to the Black River. And by mud I meant going around it on those steep side hills. Mike


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