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Polaris Sportsman 500 problems

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  • Polaris Sportsman 500 problems

    2004 sportsman 500. It has a hard time starting in any temperature and I have to hold the throttle all the time. Will not idle on its own. Another thing is that when I run at wide open throttle, as soon as I let off the machine backfires several times.

    Anyone have a similar problem?

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    Before I would do anything I would syphon off what gas I could and refill the tank with fresh fuel. Then I would add some Heet to remove any water in the system. Next I would clean the air filter. Then I would run it for awhile and go from there.


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      Did that. Ran Heet with premium fuel. No difference. I am thinking that there is an adjustment out of whack on the carb.


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        I had the idle problem too, just adjust the cable right below your throttle.


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          Spongebob is right

          The Polaris has a safety feature which will keep the engine from running if the throttle is stuck open. If there is any freeplay in the throttle lever it won't work this safety correctly. There is a turnbuckle style in line adjuster just below the thumb throttle about 3-5". Pull back the rubber cover and adjust the throttle cable till there is little to no slack in the throttle. Should fix it right up.

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