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  • Good Tool Kit For Atv

    I Need A Good Tool Kit That I Can Carry In My Grizzly. Any Suggestions.
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    If you have a cargo box or bag its very easy to assemble your own kit. I used a very small tackle box and filled it with just about every tool I will ever need.

    Which includes:
    plenty of screw drivers
    various adjustable wrenches
    socket wrenches
    plug kit
    spark plugs
    and so on.

    IMHO thats the best way to go, I havent found a kit that meets the needs of an atv rider that is in the field trying to repair their atv. Atleast when you assemble your own kit you can customize it with whichever tools you might need.


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      Don't forget

      A hammer. I have a 3 pounder with a short handle (to bend rims etc back in shape)

      CO2 tire inflator

      Tire plugs

      Small assortment of metric fasteners, nuts, bolts .... get them from your local Toyota Mechanic.

      Tape/wire/trash bag/rags.
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        Brake fluid. I ran into that problem on my last hunt. No one had any. Crisco cooking oil works I found out.

        Otherwise so far some good ideas, I also carry a spare belt for my polaris.


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          More tools

          I have a little electric air pump for inflating my tires should they get low, made by Bell and that thing is great. I tried the CO2 thing and it only partly inflated a tire that was almost flat, took 2 cartridges to get it inflated enough to use. Fuses, duct tape, spare oil, tire repair kit, ax for clearing trails, spark plug, and extra headlight bulbs, WG has everything else pretty much covered.


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            Don't forget a lighter!!! If you're broke down....You might want a fire (been there). And if you're really broke down and know your machine is toast, you can set-it on fire for your smoke signals. J/K


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              forAK, I thought of doing that a couple of years ago. I was about 12 miles out of chicken and threw the rear chain off my polaris. went to use the 4wd and it wouldnt work, then I found that when the chain gave it cracked the tranny case. it wasnt my best ride for sure. If the boundary fire wasnt already going I was tempted to torch it and walk


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                Originally posted by danattherock
                I Need A Good Tool Kit That I Can Carry In My Grizzly. Any Suggestions.
                -A wrench or big plier to change the shocks if needed
                -Spark plug carrier with 1 plug inside
                -A can of tire repair/inflator
                -A tire repair kit (with patches, cement, and plugs)
                -Tire pump (manual,no electric)
                -Tool kit (9mm to 17mm), and a adjustable wrench, phillips screwdriver
                -A set of small jumper cables
                -Tow rope, a couple of lighters, water
                -Toiled paper


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                  Let me tell you........TP is a MUST HAVE!!!!! No joke. TP has saved my day many times.

                  I used to carry the inflate a tire in a can, but I quite carrying them since they are under pressure. When they rattle around in a cargo box they will most likely get busted. If I cant fix a tire with a plug and a small air compressor I will drive it out on the rim. If you run aftermarket tires there is small chance you will get a puncture. IMHO a good set of aftermarket 6 ply tires are a MUST, especially in Alaska!

                  The two most commonly used items in my tool box are two monsterous adjustable wrenches and screw drivers. The air compressor is a close third. If you dont have a DC outlet you could carry a hand pump or wire in a dc outlet.

                  I also carry two spare tie rods and ends. I have heavy duty aftermarket tie rods and ends but I have save a couple people on the trail with either a seriously bend tie rod or busted end. Also a spare belt is handy if your machine is prone to belt problems. On long trail rides I carry an old belt.

                  I dont carry a hammer, but I do carry a hachet, which is almost as good as a hammer and you can split fire wood with it.

                  SPARE FUSES!!!!!! Usually the problem with electric pumps is they blow the accessory fuse. Carry spare fuses! I get a kick out of people who inflate tires with hand pumps. It reminds me of the girls at hot dog on a stick pounding out lemonade. :-)

                  This may sound like its a lot to carry but its worth it when you need it. I have a small tackle box that I fill with these tools. Its a life saver and it fits in my bag on the back rack. I cant believe these people who travel without tools. The tools the machine comes with isnt enough.


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