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  • Bombardier Outlander thoughts...

    Just wondering if anyone has either the 500 H.O. or the 650 H.O. and how it's working out for them. Opinions and experience would be great also. Please have some good and negative backing behind what you say,...besides the fact that you are a Polaris/Arctic Cat/Yamaha/Honda/Skidoo guy. Thanks, just looking at possibly getting one and the technology is pretty amazing in my opinion.

    Happy riding...

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    Outlander 400

    My wife has an Outlander 400. It is a very nice ATV. I ride it once in awhile and think it is a lot better than the Yamaha Kodiak and Polaris 400, heck even the Polaris 500. I would have bought one, but went for a bigger ATV. This was before the Outtie 800. The ride is very nice and it handles well. Has good power, but I'm used to a 700 so hard to tell. It is a good machine.


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      My buddy and I ride extensively. He has the outlander 400 and I have the Polaris 500. Both are decent machines. I prefer my Sportsman becuase of the weight and size. The outlander has almost too much torque on extremely steep hills. The last hill climb that we did, the outlander was on the back 2 wheels alot more than my Sportsman. I guess it depends on what kind of riding you do.


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        Yamaha 400 Kodiak

        I own this in a camo color. It has worked out really nice. I kind of thought it was a little under powered on one occasion and wished I had gotted the 450 Kodiak. Now, a friend owns the 650 Outlander (I think), and he gave a real nice review of the pulling, towing and carrying abilities which that machine has. I may take a look at the outlander 400 in the future as my finances probably won't allow a big purchase and costs of the 650. It is my understanding that in 2007 that this organization Bombardier will be under a new name Can-Am (I think) which was actually around many years ago, as I am told. Good luck!


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