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  • Spudbug trailer

    Anyone ever seen one of these in person? Neat little atv camper trailer. I can see some things I don't like, but it is still a cool idea.


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    Interesting, but ahh, its definitly different.


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      Interesting...yes. I have a feeling if I showed up with that for weekend trip by riding buddies would never let hear the end of it. I have thought about building a four tired trailer with just one axle so that the tires could flip like these do. That way if the fronts plunged into a hole the backs would rotate over them and become the fronts. Three tires on each side would be smoother but too much weight overall. Plus it would look kind of strange.


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        too many tires

        Seems like it'd be easier to just put tires the same size as on the ATV. If the ATV tire isn't going through or over it, it doesn't matter what the trailer can do. Also, not sure how well that setup would do in gooey mud. Might end up with half a ton of mud stuck to all those tires.


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          Keep it simple!

          I dont see that setup working well at all. Did you notice in the video how much he slowed down right before the tires rotated. Theres a reason for that. If you went over the rough stuff that slow with larger ATV type tires it would be just as smooth and less weight. Also less mechanical stuff to break. The tent camper idea is ok, but been around for a long time. My dad has a trailer similar to that that he pulls behind his goldwing motorcycle. When he first got it I had thought about getting one for myself and putting larger off road tires on it for something similar to this. Just never got the time and the cash at the same time.
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