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Who rides around Sutton?

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  • Who rides around Sutton?

    The Alaska Department of Natural Resources and the Matanuska - Susitna
    Borough would like to invite you and people that you know who use the
    Eska Area Trails to a continuation of scoping meetings that was started
    in June, 2006. Please see the attached notice for details. These
    meetings will provide a forum for the public to offer comments on
    recreational uses in the area if they were unable to attend the previous
    Neil Shishido
    Natural Resource Specialist
    Department of Natural Resources
    Division of Mining, Land and Water
    550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 900C
    Anchorage, AK 99501-3577

    The last meetin is at the Sutton Elementary School - 7 to 9 on Nov 17th - that is this coming Friday!
    Everyone who uses any of these trails, Eska Falls, Wishbone, 17 Mile Lake etc, needs to go to this meeting. If you hunt in the valley above Sutton to the headwaters of Granite Creek you may lose motorized access.
    ATVers who have used more trails around Sutton are especialy needed for these meetings, if you don't tell them about a trail you know about - It doesn't exist.
    Tell the planners that we use those trails!!!
    Mike Echo
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:

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    Why is it we are always having to fight for our right to ride in areas? Why don't I see more meetings to ACQUIRE new areas to ride? Did I word that wrong, is it not a RIGHT? If we forward a letter to that address will that suffice. I know being there in person is better but I don't think the job will understand. I do get tired of my hobbies being under the microscope and constantly being attacked. Sorry, had to vent. Eric


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      The reason you have to fight for the areas you ride is in simple.Other people hate the litter left around by riders out having a good time.You no what im talking about;the beer bottles ,wrappers cigarette butts ..etc.etc.Also a lot riders dont respect private property ,and cant have a good time unles there tearing up something....Yes I do ride ,i have a couple 4 wheelers.


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        you are right

        Dan, you are right. A few years ago, I started taking a couple Wally World bags with me. I always pick up trash. It drives me crazy when you can be riding in the most beautiful place in the world then you come up to an area that looks like a dump. Even down at Bird Creek after I reload the machine I always take a minute to walk the lot to pick up the "visible" trash. Eska Falls probably comes in a 2nd place to Jim Creek when it comes to the amount of trash left. I've always felt that if you could restrict the cars and trucks from getting in there you would probably cut the amount of trash by 80%. Think about it, if someone leaves a junk car there they won't hesitate in leaving a bag of trash. Eric


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          Real reason

          is that they are just really selfish about sharing "their" public land with the actual public. Their "experience" should not have to include seeing anyone else, seeing any evidence anyone else has ever been there or HEARING any evidence that anyone is around. That they lock up the rest of Alaska in "Wilderness Area" (or whatever the "special use" de jour is) in an attempt to keep YOU out makes sense to them.
          That is why we have to constantly defend our rights as a large part of the public to use public land.
          (I have suggested they go for a walk with earmuff hearing protection and blindfolds to enjoy their "experience" even more but they always refuse)

          There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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