Redneck Engineering Challenge: Getting a kid ATV across Jim Creek



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  • Redneck Engineering Challenge: Getting a kid ATV across Jim Creek

    ...Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help me figure out how to get my 5 year old son's 50cc mini-ATV across Jim Creek, with minimal effort. These kid ATV only have 16 inch tires, and Jim Creek is usually closer to 2 feet deep.

    I don't think that anyone makes hip or chest waders small enough for him, so snorkeling his ATV and having him ride across won't work for a more few years.

    I've come up with two concepts, to basically tow it across. The first would be to significantly lift the front end, and somehow secure it to the rear of my ATV (kind of like a towtruck configuration). With the front end picked up, it would raise the mini-ATV's air intake high enough that it won't flood out. The challenges, however, are how to single-handedly raise his mini-ATV into a wheelie, and then while it's up on two wheels, how to then attach it to my ATV.

    The other concept is to temporarily attach floats to it, so that it will float as I tow it (riderless) across the creek. With fuel, it weighs about 220 lbs. If I calculated correctly, the tires alone should give around 140 lbs of buoyancy when fully submerged (plus however much additional water the lower engine and frame displace, which I'm not going to try to figure out). For additional floats, I was thinking of quickly attaching boat fenders, or 2-3 five gallon cat littler buckets. This way, it would (theoretically) float with about 2/3 of the tires submerged--low enough to be stable, but high enough to keep water out of the intake.

    While these small ATVs have sealed CVT housings (so I don't have to worry about ingesting water through the CVT air intake), the air filter intake is just below the seat, or about 18-20 inches off the ground.

    I don't have a trailer small enough to tow with my ATV,which I could them put his on.

    So, before I can respond to requests like "let me know when you are going to actually try this hair-brained idea, so I can be sure to have a front row seat and plenty of beer", I have to first figure out how to actually make this work!

    Does anyone out there have experience (successful or not) trying something like this? dignity will now self-destruct in 5 seconds...

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    Use your truck and trailer to tow both your fourwheeler and your son's mini fourwheeler across the Jimcreek first. I've seen a few people do it that way.


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      I have a trailer you can have, it should work. How wide is your kid’s ATV?


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        Never did it alone.. but with one friend along, we both picked it up and set it sideways on the rear rack (old suzuki kingquad) and he drove it across, then we lift it down. It sat on top of camping chairs already strapped down with no straps to hold it in place and never felt like it was going to move fall or other


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          Those minis arn't that big. Put it on the rear racks and strap it down. I've seen people do this on ATV Frontier without a problem. If you have a bag on the rear rack, well, take it off for the short crossing.

          I've witnessed people towing those mini's across Jim Creek with success. If I had a shallow route across the creek, which you can usually find, I would tow it across.

          Or just man up, put on the hip waders, throw it over the shoulders and walk it across.


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            plug the intake and drag it accross. as far as your question about how to "man handle" it up to two wheels just plant your foot on the back rack and give it gas in first gear should between yoru weight and the intertia pop right up onto the rear tires then just walkit to the back of your machine and strap it down.
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              I agree with what Water Grimlin said. I think we are going to need pics of what you end up doing.


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                Float it!?

                If your are a hunter you could knock out two birds with one stone. Get an Alpacka Raft they are ~4lbs and can easily carry 220lbs. Light weight compact and a great addition to your arsenal of hunting gear. Just a thought, if floating it is really an idea. Or you could buy a Ranger and load it into the back of the bed, no problem.


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                  I think the big question is how much extra gear do you want to carry with you in order to do this. I would want to carry the least amount to get the job done safely. If you are not interested in trying to get a hernia by trying to lift the whole thing up onto your rear rack, I would suggest a good ratchet strap to the front end of the mini to the rear of yours. If you wish, you can secure it so the front tires are off the ground and if you are concerned about water in the intake, rig some thing to plug it up. Once you are on the other side you will not have to deal with a boat, cat litter buckets, or boat fenders.
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                    put it on the rear rack

                    Thats what most do, put the front wheels up in the air on the rack or nearly so and drag it across. I have even seen them strapped to the rear rack. If I recall, they darn near float anyways without a rider. Good luck with your mission, if you fail, we do not know you and will deny any knowledge of this operation!
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                      I've seen 'em dragged across on the rear rack like most others.


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                        Cross with caution

                        Last year I saw a member of our group flood his 700 grizzly out going across. There were no less than a dozen make it through without incident....Several hours later we saw a father carefully zig zagging acroos with TWO little people on a mini!!! :eek: They barely saoked the tires. It was would have been a priceless picture but the wife had the camera. I think if you choose your path carefully instead of doing what most do you'll be fine. But I admit it can be unsettling at times crossing water with the kids.


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                          I'm with argonut, turn it off, plug the intake and git 'r dun! Water won't hurt anything on the machine, and probably wouldn't even get in the engine with it off anyway. Just rig up a sling from the front axles of the small machine to the rear rack of yours. It wouldn't have to be tight to keep the front end up, the drag from being pulled through the water will pull it up quite a bit.

                          I just toss my kids machine in the bed of my 6x6 .

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                            Use a couple of poles and make a travois. Then set the top of the travois on the back rack of your ATV and drag the mini through. Then untie the poles and ride away. This will give you a wide and steady base and the altitude you seek.


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                              Why over complicate things


                              Remeber to follow all the new firearms rules and remeber that once you build it we can all use it.:cool:
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