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06 ATV Clearance

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  • 06 ATV Clearance

    I just went to look at the 06 clearance for the Suzuki Kingquad 700 and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts, experiences good or bad. Also I noticed the Yamaha Kodiak 450's were priced pretty good with a winch and extended warranty. Thanks for the input in advance.

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    I own two of them, great machines. But if you are purchasing an ATV stricky for utility use I would go with the Arctic Cat 700. It is built much better and comes with a 3 year warranty


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      A friend of mine has the 700 King Quad and he has had several electrical problems so far and is now on his third battery. Also, we were unable to start the quad with the "back up" pull start once the battery went dead and if the motor did start to fire while you had your hands on the pull start about got your arms ripped out of the socked. Painful.


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        07 Grizzly 450 (formerly Kodiak)

        While on a recent meeting to Anchorage I stopped in to see what was available. The sales team made a offer for me to consider. I took it! An 07 Yamaha Grizzly 450 with a winch, an additional 2 year warranty, well under the 06 clearance price. So now I am set and looking for the after-market add on's. Thanks for everyone's posts.


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          So can you get the 450 for under 6K still?
          I looked 2 years ago and I think the special edition (black one) was about $5200. Is that close to the 07's


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            No, but close

            You are best to ask what the 06 clearance costs are on a specific machine. I just happen to be in for a business meeting as were 2 thousand other delegates for the AFN Convention. I am not sure, but other delegates bought some new 4-stroke snow-machines. So it could be just that the volume of traffic and sales that weekend worked for myself.


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              great machine...

              Way to go Rufus, you'll love that rig.
              Lots of power, easy on the "go-juice", and super plush over the nastys.
              The good deal only sweetens the pot.
              Proud to be an American!


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