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Getting 12 in ATV tires mounted

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  • Getting 12 in ATV tires mounted

    Where do you go in Anchorage to get ATV tires mounted. I'm thinking of swapping some of my used tires onto different rims. What is the going rate to mount and balance a set? Thanks.

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    You don't have to balance atv tires. So, if you have tires (not on rims) and rims (with no tires) you can easily mount them yourself. It's not hard at all. I've mounted a few sets of tires in my garage with two long screw drivers, soapy water, a five gallon bucket, and an air compressor. I've even done this with car tires and rims.

    Make sure the inside rims are clean of dirt and mud!! This is very improtant or your tire will leak air.

    Turn the five gallon bucket upside down and place the rim on the bucket with the inside facing down. take the tire, making sure the tread is facing the correct direction, and soap the inner edge of the tire. Work that over the rim by hand, then soap up the outside edge and work it over the rim with the two screw drivers. I take both screw drivers and wrap them with electrical tape to prevent damage to the rubber or metal rim. Once on the tire is on the rim use the compressor to set the bead and you are good to mount up the tire and rim on the atv. You will hear and see the rims pop on the bead. Then back the PSI back down to 5psi.

    Literally, by hand I can have four atv tires and rims ready to roll in under and hour.

    Or you could go pay $10 per tire and rim.


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      Thanks for your detailed reply. What technique do you use to break the bead on an already-mounted tire?


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        I put two 2x6's on the ground and put the tire side down ontop of the wood. Make sure to pull the valve out of the valve stem and release all air from the tire. Then I drive my truck tire over the atv tire as close to the bead as possible until the bead breaks. You will need to do this on both sides. Then I pull the tire off by hand. If the tire is being stubborn you could leave the valve in the stem and put a couple psi in the tire, but that hasn't helped me much in the past.

        This method could bend your rim, so beware! Also this is a serious PITA way to get a tire off the rim, but I don't know of any other way without proper machines.


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          Alaska ATV salvage just off the Glen in Eagle River did mine for $15.00 a tire. Johnson's wouldn't do them because I didn't buy them from them. Seems to be a trend with some of those shops. Saved tons more buying from with free shipping.


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              handyman jack

              You can break the bead of a tire pretty easy with a handyman jack and a receiver hitch on the back of your tuck. Place the ATV rim and tire on the ground under your hitch and use the weight of you truck and the down force of the handyman to break the bead. It worked for me. Water_G is right mounting them is no sweat.
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                Gregs Automotive/Alaska Tire World does them for about $10
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                  Alaska Tire Service mounted mine before, I forget what they charge though, it wasn't too bad though. I've mounted my own before also, it isn't too hard, luckily I had a bead breaker for ATV rims, makes it pretty easy.


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