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    For anyone who might be interested there is an anual ATV rally in Delta Junction. It has been held for quite a few years and is a blast. Usually there is about 2 to 300 people. This is a family event and not a drunk fest. That doesn't mean beer isn't allowed it just isn't supposed to be like Woodstock. There is lots of mud but for folks who just want to ride you can drive around most of the mud. The rally is Memorial day weekend and is located at mile 1408 of the Alaska Highway. You go to Delta and turn towards Tok. You will go about 14 miles and then turn right at mile 1408. There are plenty of places to park a motor home or set up a tent. If you are planning on being there several days and riding through the mud you will most likely need to bring something to clean your radiator. If that isn't possible Delta has a car wash. Hope to see you there.
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    Resurrecting this REALLY old thread as I am thinking about going this year?
    Anyone else going?
    Anyone have any info or thoughts?


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      That is a pretty old thread!
      Polaris Junction used to be involved with it. I'm not sure if that holds true since it changed hands a few years ago.

      It would be good to know if there are still people doing it that weekend.


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        I know there are folks going.


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          Is this event on? I'm interested!

          Is there room to park and load/unload?

          Has anyone been too this rally?


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            Plenty of room to park but when I was on this trail last year it was JACKED! A creek, which usually flows next to this trail, started flowing down it. Washed out badly in some areas and far from kid friendly.

            The area I'm referring to is appx 4 mi +/- from trail head.

            Coal mine rd may be another option?
            I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.



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