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  • idle problems

    I just bought an 08 arctic cat 500 and it worked great the first 2 times i rode it but now it wont idle, it just dies. anybody have any suggestions? Im going to take it in as its still under warrenty but i was just wondering if anybody else had problems with their arctic cats.

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    500 cat

    Not sure what if any changes they made between 05 and 08, but my 06 is a cold blooded mother.... today at +40 it starts and runs fine, but in the winter months it will start on a dime, but take forever to warm up and run smoothly on it's own.

    The automatic choke set up is the suspect in my opinion. The dealer in Big Lake does not seem to think I have a problem.... yeah right.

    So I doubt this helps you, but I do not think you are alone in your issue. Other than this issue, I love my AC 500....

    If you find out something on the idle issue, please let me know.



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      idle knob

      i wont say it is a fix but on your carb there is a little black tube with a idle adjustment knob in the end turn it clockwise just a little should make it work


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        idle problem

        The manufacturers (Artic Cat, Polaris, Can Am Etc.) set these machines up lean in idle for emission reasons...thats the only way they can get them to pass. The colder the weather the more this problem is aggrevated. You can rejet the carb and open up the idle mixture a little and it will solve your problems. I had the same problem with my Polaris 700 Sportsman and now it will crank right up at 20- bellow...warms up in a jiffy, and idles like a dream. WAY better throttle response to boot!! Does Artic Cat use Mikuni carberators on there machines? If its an EFI you should not be having these problems. I prefer carberated machines as they are easy and cheap to fix and in a pinch it can be done in the field in the middle of nowhere. When an EFI starts acting up far away from home your in trouble!!!
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          Same problem

          I just bought a brand new Arctic Cat 400 (carbureted) , I have the exact same problem...problem is I can't just take it to the shop, I live in the bush and had the quad sent to'd think the dealer would adequately prepare the thing for the destination they're sending it to, guess not.
          I thought it was the gas at first, added some heet - didn't solve the problem. Mine seems to be okay when I first start it, but after I run it then let off the gas (like at a stop sign) it cuts out.

          I had the linkage completely detach on me the 2nd day of riding...still don't have 50 miles on it and I've had more problems then I'd like. Had to shift it manually by reaching underneath and slamming it into gear, burnt my hand up good.
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            Thats what i was thinking it was. We bought a 400 back in 01 from the same dealer and it never quite idled right. Im just going to take it back and have them adjust the carb I know where the carb adjustment is but Im pretty sure i read someting about it voiding the warranty if I mess with it too much. I only live about 15minutes from the dealer. Other than this I have always had good luck with the arctic cat brand. thanks for the replies any other ideas would be appreciated.


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              idle adjustment

              I have jacked the idle up in the thumb screw to keep it running, but then it has a hard time shifting into gear..(automatic).

              My dealer claims there is no problem. If one of you comes up with a rejetting plan or other fix. I would love to know.



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                I will try to help you all with cat's I own an '06 400 manual and It sits outside yr round. When it gets cold 0 to minus 30 I still have no problems starting. Here is my procedure.
                .1) Crank the motor for a few seconds with the key on but do not touch the throttle.
                2.) hit the primer for 4- 6 pumps and re hit the starter.
                Mine is running at this point.
                3.) walk away and let her warm up good at -10 I will usually let her run for 20 min or more. If it stops during the process turn the key to off and then on and restart.
                I also adjust my idle speed when warm to about 1500 rpm. Higher than this you will have a hard time changing gears.

                I f you take off riding before it is warmed up my rpoblems are as follows.
                1.) will not idle at all.
                2.) engine will run but like it is missing.

                If you use the idle adjustment too much you will get into the run circuit of the carb and that will create a ton of other problms. I also installed a 700 EFI battery for more cranking amps.

                For those of you that have a 500 or above you can get a heater and install it just like for your truck.
                Again this is just for the AC's out there.
                I hope this helps..


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                  Dial a Jet

                  I've come across a product that seems to get great reviews and may solve the problem we're having.
                  Since I'm still in the break in period, I'm just going to wait until I get over 100 miles on it (I'm at 70 now), then try to rejet the carb, and if that doesn't work I'm going to try this product. For 80 bucks, seems like a great addition and since it's simply adding fuel when the engine needs it, I don't think it will compromise engine life at all. Mine has no problem starting when it's cold, just seems like it's running too lean.


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                    The fix is going up a size or two on your main jet and increasing the fuel to air ratio in the idle circuit. There is an idle mixture adjustment screw with a plug over it(they put the plug there to keep people from messing with it) for EPA reasons. You can back this screw out about a half a turn and your problems will go away. Its better to do with the carb off the machine. Your idle speed adjustment is different...wonce you have inrichened the idle fuel/air mixture you will have to readjust your idle speed (bring it back down) if you dont you will have a hard time shifting and may get a sharp "clunck" when you do. This is due to your cluch spinning to fast ans is NOT good for it. The jets typically cost about four bucks and thats all you need. I would stay away from dial a jet as they will drift and you will constantly be messing with it. Burning rich will not hurt a thing, its a lean mixture that will hurt the engine (causes detonation a BAD thing) you may foul spark plugs a little more with it richened up but just get some good plugs like NGK Irridiums and FEAL the difference!
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                      I think were having the exact same problem It starts up just fine after sitting overnight or something with out using the throttle. Once i start riding it for a while and then let off the gas it just lugs down and dies. Then if i give it gas it starts back up and runs fine, or slightly rough, as long as i stay on the throttle. My dads 01 never quite ran rite as far as idleing we turned the throttle adjustment up and it would hold the idle but once it was warm and in nutral it would rev up really high and then shift into gear really hard. I am fixin to take it into arctic cat today. I will post what they tell me or fix. Hopefully with out the bs.


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                        we ride honda

                        Don't know about Arctic cat, but we have to drain the carb on cold mornings. There is a little screw and you can catch the gas in a cup. It can be almost 50% water sometimes. It is just a little drain, and only need to let just a little out, like a couple of tablespoons full. Works every time. Condensation. :rolleyes:


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                          2 cents

                          my buddy rides a 400 ac and here in fairbanks has not had a single problem. if you guys bought from the same dealer sounds like they are not getting set up right.


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                            I have a similar problem with my 500 AC manual. Especially when up higher in elevation. I'm also very interested in any fixes out there.


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                              same dealer

                              I bought mine from wasilla arctic cat. I work with a guy whose son has one from the big lake dealer that had the same problem. He said it was the automatic choke.


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