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    I was at Northern Power Sports buying parts for my Grizzly 660 the other day and I tested out one of the new Grizzly 700 machines with the power steering. I rode it along the roads on a very steep side-hill type of situation which we all know is trying on the arms after a long ride. That machine didn't even pull and it was amazing. I do a lot of hill side riding and at 60 years old I'm not quite as strong as I once was. I was very impressed with it and I would imagine that the competition will be following suite with their top of the line machines soon.

    The 700 is actually a 686 cc fuel injected single cylinder. I was hoping that it would be a twin to make a smoother low end running machine. It is certainly not lacking for power when you punch it down however. It has no choke as it is EFI and it doesn't seem to need one but it also has no pull or kick starter in case of a failed battery or starting system. I guess I'm from the old school on that one.

    I guess for now I'll just salivate about it and keep on with the two perfectly good machines I already have.

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    new griz

    My first reaction about the lack of a pull starter was disappointment, but I'm thinking I've never had to pull mine ever. Maybe thats the norm? Anybody else ever really need it?

    I just like the fact that its there should I need it. 100 miles from nowhere with a dead battery is a sobering thought, course most of us have a buddy along with another machine...

    Whats the cost on the new 660?
    Proud to be an American!


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      700 Price

      They had a price tag of $7,900 for the new 700. I didn't price the 660 as I already have one. I'm not sure if that included a winch or not but probably not.

      I've done a lot of 4 wheeling over the past 14 years and I can't ever remember having to kick start or pull start one of mine either. I do carry a cheap set of jumper cables into moose camp though as there are several of us and it is possible that someone could need a jump after sitting out in the cold for several days.

      My nephew rode a borrowed Polaris 350 this fall when he came up to tag along and it had a battery fail which required him to pull start it every time he rode it so it can happen.


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