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    Some times when I push the starter on my 500 Honda Rubicon it will engage but then the starter will stop (stick) and I have to release the starter button and try again. Sometimes I have to repeat this process 3-5 time and once 10-15, before the starter will continue the process and the engine starts.

    It does not do it all the time, more like 10-20%.

    Any Ideas as to what the problem is.


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    You don't say how old your Honda is but my best guess, without looking and testing some wiring is: you probably need a new starter button.

    If it's like most Hondas you will have to buy a whole assembly for the handlebar. I know Honda likes it's parts ($$$) so I would not buy this until you do some testing with a olm meter. If you can find the connection ends outbound from the button test the resistance of the button. After connecting to the meters leads push the button and check the readings. There should be NO readings unless the button is pressed. You might have to do this several times to see if you get different readings. If you do the button is in need of replacement as the internal connection is intermittant when you press the button. If the button tests good then go after testing the starter resistance. Also be sure to check ALL GROUNDS. Make sure they are clean and tight. Good Luck


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