Helmets for toddlers??



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  • Helmets for toddlers??

    I want to get a helmet for my little boy. I went to the local Polaris dealer and TeamCC. No luck on either front.

    Any suggestions? He'll be 2 in June.
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    Helmets for toddlers??

    We baught a childs small full face for our kid. She was 2 at the time. Passed it on down to her little sister who will be 2 in june. A little loose but better than nothing. We ordered ours on line at Dennis Kirk. Regular shipping gets it here in a week.


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      Helmets for toddlers are dangerous because of the weight on the neck. Just use a good bike helmet instead of an ATV helmet. We went down that road a couple of years ago. Tried a heavy helmet and it never stayed on because it hurt the boy. Now we use a bike helmet. You may look at Hockey or other helmets that are light weight.


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        We used bicycle helmets with kids swimming goggels until after they turned three. We then purchased full face helmets from the Anchorage Yamaha dealer. The front of the helmet flips up, they are very well designed, we shopped all around before we found them at the Yamaha dealer. I agree about the weight of the helmet, they had a tough time with them last summer. My twins are almost four now and the helmets are great. If you want PM me and I can send you pics.
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          I bought a motocross style helmet for my daughter when she was two at Team CC in Eagle River. The helmet was just a tad large for her but she grew into it very quickly. The helmet was expensive but well worth the cost to protect her noggin. Call around and ask the ANC dealers if they have any youth helmets.


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            Pick up a karting neck brace, such as this one on eBay.

            http://cgi.ebay.com/Neck-Brace-Racing-Karting-Driving-Childs-Kid-Junior-blk_W0QQitemZ220379528822QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGo_Kar ts?hash=item220379528822&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trk parms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|3 01%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

            These allow a kid to wear a heavier helmet, which offers more protection. Plus, they're great in case the kid falls asleep--you can just install this thing (backwards), and their head doesn't flop around as you ride. I've been using one for around 3 years now for my son, who is now 5.


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              I had the same problem. Until about 4 years old my daughter couldn't support the weight of a regular helmet so I used a bicycle helmet. After 4 years old it was easier to find a helmet that fit and one that she could support. The thing you get to look forward to is getting whacked in the chin by the kid's helmet!

              A helmet that doesn't fit properly is not much better than no helmet at all. Get one that fits!


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                Try checking out kids skiing/snowboard helmets.
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                  Kids helmet

                  My son used a bike helmet until he was 3 y/o. Then we found a small helmet with a facemask on it. He did not like the full mask until he realized it stopped the wind from blowing dust/snow in his eyes. I would use a good bike helmet until they are strong enough to hold thier head up with a regular helmet on.
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                    Try here http://www.racewayatv.com/kids-helmets.html


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                      FYI the AFX helmets have removeable liners and cheak pieces which allows you to keep the same helmet and make it fit a bigger noodle.

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                        A word of caution on kids on ATV's. When my son was two he rode in front of me on our ATV all the time. One day while riding at about 10 miles an hour I had a rear brake failure that locked my tires so suddenly on a down hill that I almost broke my ribs on the handlebars. I had just taken my son off the bike. Had he been on there he would have been severely injured. We had already had several similar close calls with my weight being thrown forward, but I didn't recognize the danger.

                        The funny thing is, it happened again while I was riding with my son on his 10th birthday eight years later. Different ATV, but the same thing happened. Rear brake fell apart on a 4wd ATV, locking all the tires, pitching me forward into the bars. You wouldn't drive around in your car with a kid between you and the steering wheel would you?

                        Our solution was to make the decision that the kids weren't allowed on to the ATV's until they were old enough to safely hang on while riding behind us. I fabbed some rear seats with hand holds from some old plastic seats that worked great.

                        ATV'ing with our kids has been a very rewarding pass time. I leave it up to parents to make good decisions.

                        Off my soapbox just my personal experience.
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