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    Hi All,

    Just wanted some opinions about a used machine I was thinking about getting. It is a 02 griz 660. Looks like it is in good shape. About 500 miles on it for about $3.5k. Not a big ATV guy. This is the first one I have bought myself and just wondering if there is anything special I should look for besides the obvious signs of abuse. Thanks!

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    Sounds fair.

    Doesn't sound too bad of a deal, 500 miles is very little for a 7 year old machine. Look it over carefully checking for the usual and unusual signs of wear. Look arouond the owners place to see what kind of condition thier other "stuff" is in, ie...might be an indicator of how they treated the machine they are selling you.
    The 660 is a nice simple machine that does not require alot of maintenance. For example, my wifes polaris 6x6 has about a 1,000 grease zerks and lube points along with chain maintenance that need attention. The Grizzly is alot easier to service after each ride.
    Grab each wheel and give it a wiggle from the side to see how the bearings feel, sloppy or nice and tight? Look at the undercarriage to see if it's all banged/scraped up or just paint missing. Check out the brake pads, oil level, and any maintenance records the seller might have. Was it even serviced, if so by whom? Does the seller have teenager kids who would have been abusing it or was it ridden by a little old lady to go to church on Sundays?
    I think you get the idea. Post a pic when you bring her home.
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      Thanks for the advice, gonna head over this weekend and check it out. Hopefully all goes well and I have a new machine sitting in the garage by Monday. I'll be sure to post a couple pics.



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