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    I've been planning on getting an Argo for the last year, I'm glad I waited. A couple of weeks ago I read about the Mudd Ox here on the forum and went and checked them out at "Alaska Mudd OX". I was very pleasantly surprised. The quality of the Mudd Ox is very impressive and everything looks extremely well thought out.

    A few comparisons with the argo;

    Leg room- I didn't have a tape measure but I'm sure the Ox has significantly more leg room. It was even comfortable with me, my wife and 6 year old daughter all in the front seat. ( I have a feeling my daughter will be in the driver seat most of the time...)

    Ground clearance- I'm sure the extra 4 inches of ground clearance on the Ox will pay off, nothing I hate more than being high centered in the mud...

    Passenger comfort- the Ox comes standard with a forward facing rear seat, side benches, and grab handles. The forward facing seat is an option on the argo. Space wise they are very similar. It should be no problem to fit 6 adults. They are also working on a tub that will drop in the rear compartment with the seats removed, that would be great for hauling out a moose.

    Steering- I was a bit skeptical of the two lever steering at first, after driving it all concerns are gone. Being able to control both sides independently will help get through mud holes. There is no need to stop and shift into reverse as is the case with the argo. You really have to drive it for yourself to see how maneuverable and functional the hydraulics are.

    Standard features- There are several standard features on the Ox that should be standard on all AATV's - 4000 pound wench with remote. roll over protection, bilge pump, passenger grab handle (similar to the rhino), rear receiver hitch, and probably more that I can't think of right now...
    The 2009 argo's have the new LCD instrument package which shows speed, distance, voltmeter, and low oil pressure light. To be honest I prefer analog gauges on the Ox, the instrument / switch panel is very functional and has a cool back light feature. As far as speed and distance goes I'll use my GPS for that anyways.

    Over all quality- everything on the Ox looks to be built to last. I couldn't find anything about the frame or running gear that I didn't like. It is very apparent that the designer, Matt has put the best of everything into this machine. It seems much more industrial grade than an argo to me.

    Price - Being the cheapskate that I am, I always want the most for my money. When you compare the Ox to an Avenger outfitted with the same equipment you will find the price is very similar. I think where you will get the advantage with the Ox is the quality and performance in the field.

    The Mudd Ox is made in the USA, this has become very important to me in the last few years as we see American jobs leaving the country for cheaper manufacturing.... I want my money to stay right here in the US!

    If you are in the market for a 8x8 machine I would really encourage you to check them out. Mark at Alaska Mudd Ox said they are going to be at the Sportsman Show in April.

    I can't wait for summer!!!

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