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    I am considering selling my 2006 Polaris 800 EFI to upgrade to a Razr. I have double hand warmers, thumb warmer, Hand guards, clutch kit, goralla front axles, Metal front A arm guards, front brush guard. Rear modified bumper set up for a rear winch mount. Also has the engine block heater. Don't remember the hours or miles of the top of my head. This is a good machine has always been serviced with consistant fluid changes. fuel filter changes, etc...I always keep up on the routine maintenance. Comes with the dealer service manual too
    OR will if I decide to sell it :eek:

    Any clue how much a machine like this would go for in todays "Alaska" or "Anchorage" market?

    Thank you
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    Not sure what kind of price you had in mind but my buddy bought the following:

    2008 SP 800
    2500# warn winch
    hand & thumb warmers
    Polaris Handguards
    Lock & Ride (polaris) gun boot & Mount
    Glacier 2 plow and mount system

    ATV had 28 miles and 4.2 hours.
    He paid $6500. :eek: I went along when he picked it up so I know the price was real. I think he stole it. It's metalic red and not a scratch on it. Thing runs great. I wish I had seen it first as I was shopping at the time for a newer ATV.

    So what are you asking for yours?


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      MMM.....thinkin maybe $8000.00 OBO...lots of extras...oh yeah it also has a 2.5 warn on the front....I would take 7,000...shouldn't say that but asking 8 might be a little high......altough I think it is worth that..gotta be realistic.....

      PM me if interested


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        Well you do have a lot of extras but I picked up a left-over 08 from Hatcher Pass Polaris last month so I'm no longer in the market.

        FYI Polaris has $1000.00 rebates on their 09 XP's. :eek: This may also hurt your sale. If I knew this rebate sale was comming I would have waited and got an XP.

        Anyway Post you price but include the miles and hours. It will sell if it's in good shape. Riding season (for most) starts in May.


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          FYI I will be selling...more to come on there and hard feelings man...all that matters is you get a good rig and head out and ride...enjoy


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