Glacier Plow electronic manuals-diagrams?



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  • Glacier Plow electronic manuals-diagrams?

    I'm looking for some type of directions that show correct parts to attach a 60 inch glacier snow plow to 2004.5 Polaris Sportsman 600. The plow hooks into the trailer ball receiver on the rear of the ATV. I need to find out what hardware is applicable to converting from manual to winch operated. Specifically the hardware up front to keep plow centered while pushing snow. Does anyone know a good website or electronic directions to make this compatible?

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    I have a 2003 Sportsman 600 with a Glacier Plow. Do you have the plate that attachs underneath the the froward part of the ATV? The plow itself attaches to the plate which is bolted to the frame. All you have to do is lock it in place then hook your winch to it.


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      I do have a couple plates but I'm not sure I have the correct plate for the winch application. Do you still have the directions for your machine and plow? Is it possible to take some digital photo's of the plow attachment and email them to me? I'm on the peninsula and willing to come look at the setup too.

      Thank you


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        I will try and take some pics


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