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    What is everyone's take on their machines. I guess these are the ones that used to be Bombardier (sp)?. I watched a show on the outdoor channel where they put these machines up against all the others brands. I am a die hard Honda guy, but I gotta say, they turned my head away from "The Outdoor Directory" more than once! They pretty well outperformed all other makes and models in everything from drag race to mud bog to weighted sled pull. The 1 thing they didn't really talk about was their reliability. That would be my biggest question.
    I just found their website. WOW-their Outlander Limited lists for just under $12,000!!
    If anyone has any first hand info on these machines would you mind filling me in? Thanks, Eric

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    I've seen the same TV program. It seems pretty impressive but if what you quoted for price is correct I wouldn't even consider one. You can buy a new Grizzly 700 with power steering for $7,900 or less.


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      I'm with you on this one. I am a die hard Honda man, but that CanAm looked like a pretty darn good machine. The bottom line is the price, they are alot more than a new Honda thats for sure. I might just stick with my Honda and let someone else be the first to try 'em out. Work the bugs out of them for a few years them decide.


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        The Outlander 800 is the best four-wheeler on the market. If you can afford one and can take a demo model for a test drive, you'll be selling what you have now. My '04 Arctic Cat LE 650 is going to be sold for one of these machines.


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          Consider the source. It's an infomercial paid for by Can-Am, so of course the Outlander is going to come out above and beyond all others. They seem like nice machines from what i have seen. They frame falure issues several years ago but I think they have resolved it. The price did seem a bit steep to me also. Overall they look like nice machines in my opinion.


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            I can vouch for the 400 Outty


            Find your budget limits first, THEN decide which machine fits your all of your criteria within that budget. I've ridden a couple of Polaris Sportsman 700s, a Polaris 500, a Yamaha 400, a newer Honda (don't remember which model but it was cool), an Arctic Cat 400 and have my own outlander 400 XT (the upgraded version) that was purchased about fifteen months ago. You'll need to make your determination about which machine feels best as there are so many personal variables that are important. However:

            If you just happen to have $10-$12k that you want to finance I could think of few reasons NOT to buy one of the Outlander 650s or 800s in the XT version. They have great ground clearance and an engine that will rip your fillings out. They might even be scary in some tightly wooded situations where you slip and hit the throttle accidentally. No kidding, the 800 Outty can launch you into a low earth orbit if you screw around too much.
            To address your concerns about reliability I can only say that after a thousand really hard miles I've yet to do any damage to my bike. I mean real damage. I've rolled it and broken the thumb throttle and plastic cargo rack (steel on the 06 models). I've speared myself on a 4" diameter log and cracked a footwell. I've speared my CVT housing with a log (and still not sure HOW) and punched a pea-sized hole in the housing--easily fixed with a fiberglass/epoxy kit). Hmm, what else. I've scraped the hell out of the underneath of the frame from rock crawling (not the bike's fault). The worst thing that I've done is some electrical snafus brought on by too many aftermarket accessories...gotta fix that soon. The plus side of the 400cc bike is that it has a recoil starter which has saved me on three different occasions that the battery has given up the ghost. Even with the more aggressive tires I'd suggest Mudlites of one flavor or another.

            You won't likely be too disappointed with the performance or function of the Outlander series. They seem to be quite nice bikes. If you have the money to go for the camo series then I'd say to go for it. I did.

            The biggest factor in reliability will be the manner in which you will use the bike. Honda makes a reliable bike that is likely to be around way after most every other bike has bitten the dust. Even mine. I just got mine to try a different brand, to try the trailing-arm rear suspension and because I really enjoyed the handling of the bike. Yes, I would like the 800cc bike for the power but it is really the improved suspension and ground clearance that would be the completer on that package...otherwise, stick with your Honda. I don't see people crying over their choice all the time...

            Have fun!



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              As previously stated, they’ve had issues with frames bending. Very expensive repair!

              Short article you may find interesting: ATVSource

              Russ J


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                I too was impressed with their 1/2 hr. program, the only contender was not shown and that was the Grizz 660 or the 700cc. I don't think I will spend the noted amount of monies for one though as there is other bikes that will suffice. It all comes down to what you want to spend.


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                  Big CC ATV's

                  When you guys need a debt consolidation loan, call me...I'll treat you right!

                  And I will call you when I need my house moved. Until that point, and while I'm only hunting meager Alaska big game, I will use my old 300cc King quad w/ 8,300+ miles on it. It seems to work ok.

                  Smile...I know you love Dick.


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                    SuperDick, huh?

                    I won't ask how you earned that name:-)

                    Anyway, good to see that someone else out there has an old 300 KQ. Is yours as difficult as mine is to get in and out of 4WD?


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                      Oh yeah,

                      And I forgot to say that SuperDick is obviously not looking or a big cc machine as an... ahemmmm, extension of his manhood.
                      Now as to those souped-up 300KQ's, Watergremlin...


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                        800 Efi Xt...

                        I recently purchased the Can Am 800 EFI XT in realtree camo and have nothing but praises for it. It is ridiculously powerful (maybe more than I need) but I am the kind of guy that really holds on to something for a long time, so I don't mind spending the extra cash to get exactly what I want, while covering my bases as to if I would ever need something this powerful or capable. I fly over bumps and the suspension just soaks them up. The only weakness I have found, is the battery. It is mounted in the rear, up high off of the frame. One side is protected, but the other is pretty exposed. I will be making a protective plate out of aluminum so I don't take a rock or more likely a branch to the heart of my beast. The frame is very strong now, it does get dented, but any frame gets dented when slammed on rocks. Easy fix with skid plates. No matter what atv I bought I would have installed skid plates so I don't really see it as a reason not to get one of these capable machines. Oh, by the was -10 and my 800 was setting outside all night, the EFI engine started with one push on the start button...nice...if any of you have any questions please feel free to ask. I have nothing bad to say about any other atv's as everyone has their opinions on what their perfect atv is. The Can Am fit what I was looking for.

                        Happy riding...



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                          Hey AZ, sent you a PM...Eric


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