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  • 450 class utility

    The Grizz450 or the AXi 450 Suzuki seem like it would fit my needs. In the bush a reliable machine is a "must" so to date which of these two would do? Curious how reliable the EFI system is.

    appreciate an input, purchase may be soon.

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    They are both bullet-proof. The EFI systems have been in use for several years and are trouble free. I was offered a 2009 Griz 550 (non-EPS) with a 2500# warn winch, hot grips & thumbwarmer for $7016 - out the door. Can you beat that with a Suzuki? I couldn't find a Suzi dealer to come close. One even wanted more then that for a left-over from last year. They both have the same style of belt and drive. They also both have the same 4x4 and Dif-Lock. If you are around Anchorage or Mat-Su PM me and I'll tell you which dealer to call and who to talk to to get the above offer.
    But either would be a good choice.


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      well that sound very positive! the Grizz sounds once again ideal, good to know what is up with the current models.



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        Well you could try the Suzuki Kingquad 500 AXI. It is only a 50cc increase so there is more power. It has Powersteering too!


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          Arctic cat

          Have you looked into the Arctic Cat 400 4x4 or 650? Both probably cost less, and the 400 is air cooled which is the reason I bought it over the 650. They stopped the 400 in 2008 so you can find a good deal on a leftover.


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            I bough a Honda 500 Rubi last year because I wanted a bulletproof ATV but the Yamaha and Suzuki were a very very close 2nd and I thing they would have been excellent choices, especially since they were cheaper.


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              Prefer Honda; but

              I would buy a honda; not big on the belt drive of some of the other makes. But I drove the Yamaha last year with the power steering. It was a great machine to drive. You can't go wrong with that choice.


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                Lets see...they both have

                Bullet proof belt drive systems
                Low gear
                Over 11" of ground clearance

                I say drive em both and then decide which one feels better.


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                  Reliable and competetive pricing. They aint fast but they are tough. I have 800+ miles on my 2004 foreman 450manual shift model and I have hammered the crap out of it. I only just now put on a costco winch $80 and A Moose 1.5" lift kit $40 and $500+1" kenda bear claws2 years ago. I put a homemade aluminum skidplate on right after I bought it. That piece of alum. kicking around in the back yard was by far the best investment. Had the valves adjusted at honda last fall but it didnt need it.


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                    have you considered the polaris 400 h.o. best bike of 08 for its class! I have an 02 700 and she has 400 high output 455cc sportsmans model! Polaris offered great financing and warranty if your not paying cash! This is a great bike! Hello to everyone up north see you next summer!


                    PROUD GRANDPA?


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                      good deal

                      There is a good deal on a like new sportsman 500 ho efi in the swap and sell.
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                        Don't discount the Big Bear, the low end of theat thing is awesome. They are absolutely bulletproof but ya gotta shift them. I recommend you test ride the Grizz 450 and the BB side by side to feel the differance.
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                          Whatever you do, buy a machine with independant rear suspension. My wife has IRS and my machine doesn't. I am always trying to get her to swap but she won't. She sails over the bumps and I have to stand so that the daylights aern't beat out of me. Good luck with watever you buy. Most machines on the market are very good.


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                            Real men don't need IRS...........

                            bluerooster59 is right, IRS is much better for comfort and getting you extra ground clearance. I've been riding SRA machines ever since I started riding and they will pound on you like nothing else but they can pull and carry a load better than most IRS atv's.
                            Whatever you do, make sure you test out as many as you can before you throw down that hard earned cash. Good luck!


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