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stop getting screwed on argo parts

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  • stop getting screwed on argo parts

    I just went on 6x6 forum with a thread about this. The guy in anchorage RAKES YOU OVER THE COALS FOR PARTS. the guy wanted 750$ for a wench mount(bracket only). I called outdoor argo in colorado and Talked with ed who said he could mail me priority mail for 174$ plus shipping. hIS WEBSITE IS HERE. gREAT GUY TO DEAL WITH. Gets parts straight from the factory in large shipments to cut down shipping cost which inturn gives us better prices. Please call this guy and save your arm and leg from the guy in anchorage. This guy also delivers argo's up here too. He only deals with argo and is very nice and knowledable. he knows the guy rakes people for prices and he sets them at what they should be. I called the guy in anchorage and he said he charges what ODG MSRP. I asked how come the guy in colorado is 4 times less expensive and i didnt get an awnser other than thats what ODG's MSRP. He also said the guy in colorado dosn't make money by charging what he does, I then asked how does he make a living then??? wasnt much of an awnser. Needless to say i will not do buisness in anchorage. Lets make this guy charge us fair prices by having some competition. I want to get the word out on this, please pass on argo owners!

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    9-5:30 Monday-Friday
    9-4 Saturday
    2575 Hwy 6 & 50
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    Great Heads Up!

    I'll call tomorrow. Wanted a windsheid & top but Jason wants $3,000.00:eek:

    A piece of glass, some canvas and some aluminum tubing should not be near that price.

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      Thank you

      doogiehauz, thank you very much for that info, unfortunally for me the wench mounting bracket did cost me 750$:mad:....thanks again


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        Man I'm sorry you got screwed dude! you could of bought 4.3 wench brachets for that price. CRAZY, wish i would have posted sooner to save you some $. a guy here or on 6x6 forum said that he got a price quote on super tracks and will save 5-6 grand a year buying tracks from colorado since he owns an argo touring buisness. It's pretty sad the dealer in colorado can ship parts up here for 3-4 times less than a local dealer. I hate to see good folks get screwed, shoudnt happen in a perfect world right? Well lets hope jason gets the idea that there is competition out there and he should charge normal prices and he would have much happier customers. Hope everyone saves money, take care fellas!


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