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  • Argo riding?

    Does any body in this forum owns an Argo? Or does anyone knows where to ride in a safe place for a family with children who likes the outdoors.

    We were today at the knik river and had to pack and go due to someone decided to fire his/her? weapon near the bridge at the parking lot area.

    We are looking for places to ride with the hole family near Eagle River if it is possible to do with an Argo.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    PS: I someone knows or hear about who was doing the shooting, please let them know to be more responsible and not to spoil a perfect day ridding. There are ranges for shooting and if they were hunting, it shall not be near the road or unloading area. Thanks!

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    Argo eagle

    The shooting thing is being addresed as there are new laws being put in place right now and hopefully the inforcement will be fairly swift, trust me they are doing a much better job now then just a few years ago and I'm sure it will keep getting better as more people like you show concern.

    I think you were close to a good place but might have had better luck at another parking area.

    I will be more than happy explaning on here if needed but might be able to explain better on the phone. if you want to PM me with a numer I will call you or if your initials are L.R. just let me know and I allready have your number.
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