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    I'm looking to buy some 26" ITP mudlites for my 700 grizzly but there are two different types. Whats the difference in the AT and XL's other than the price of the AT's are really high? I'll be riding on trails and hunting with my ATV if that helps any. Thanks

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    I believe the XLs have a deeper lug, 1.3" comapred to 3/4".


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      I believe they only make the AT up to 25" but don't quote me on that. There are actually 3 versions of the Mudlite, the AT, the XL, and the XTR which is the radial version of the MUdlite. I'm not sure what the ply rating is on the AT but I know the XL is a 6 ply and I wouldn't go any lower than that, if I could swing it, i'd get the XTR but they are spendy.


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        Itp web

        go here and answer all your questions.
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          I have the ITP mudlight XTR's on my Grizzly 700 and they work well. I am going to get a set of Kenda Executioners for the Rhino. It looks like a very aggressive tire. I will see how it works.


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            ITP XTR's for Suzuki KQ 750

            So I've been staring at the XTR's all winter thinking about picking up a set. I run a 2008 Suzuki King Quad 750. It's still got the stock tires. 25X10-12's on the Rear and the 25X8-12's on the front.

            I'm curious what anyones thoughts are a couple things. I've considered going to 26's instead of the 25's, but wonder what if any I'd see any benefit over the 25's.

            I've also seen notes about using the same width on the front and rear? Any thoughts on that. Also anyone know what mod's I'd need to make if I did go wider/taller on the tires.

            Lastely... Aluminum VS Steel.. I'm leaning towards steel since they can be bent back into shape vs breaking.

            My riding, puts me out at Eureka, Sutton once in a while, and Boulder Creek.

            Thanks in advance
            2008 KingQuad 750 AXI, 26" ITP Mud Lite XTR, Bad Lands Trunk Bag


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              Hi Joe,
              Given your cc size I am thinking you can go 26 or 27 with no problem. I the bigger tires will give you more ground clearance, (higher center of gravity) less power but more top end. Most bikes in your size range will not need the less power. As for rims the ITP aluminum rims are way stronger and do not bend like the steel ones. I have steel on mine and bent the heck out of them on my first 3 miles. I used to work for a dealer and we sold a ton of the itp aluminum with no bent rims coming back to us. This is just what I have seen. I do not know your riding area as I live in Delta.


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                I'm leaning towards the 26's. Any thoughts about running the same width all round? My initial thoughts were to get the same widths as what I have now. Or increasing widths by one size in both locations.
                2008 KingQuad 750 AXI, 26" ITP Mud Lite XTR, Bad Lands Trunk Bag


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