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  • ATV price$

    I was thinking of picking up an ATV for the daughter. Even the price of the entry level 2wd Honda Recon is getting up there--$3K plus--used.
    Its amazing how much these things cost anymore. One could buy a good used car or truck for the price of a several year old used wheeler-of any size.
    A tube frame, some plastic, a basic engine (in most cases) whats so darned deserving of such pricing?
    I don't get it. Its alot to spend especially when many sit much of the year in AK.
    $8-9K for a new bike?, c'mon.
    I hope they lose the power steering etc, so fellas can actually afford these things without a second mortgage.
    Any thoughts?
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    Yup, it's crazy. I guess if you want to play you gotta pay. Lots of things drive up costs. Same with the auto industry. If you think they are expensive now wait until the greenies get the government to make the manufacturers put smog pumps on em and make em all get 200mpg or some crazy thing. After all, they cause global warming don't you know...

    Cost of R&D and manufacturing go up and guess what runs down hill?
    A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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      Auto industry

      Speaking of the auto industry did anyone hear about a possible merger with Chevy and Ford? I heard it this weekend from a friend but don't know if there is any truth to this.


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        Would that be a Fevy or a Chord? ;D
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          is what I was thinking.


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            ATV Prices

            When you compare them with an outboard motor of any size they are really quite cheap. Consider everything that goes into an ATV and it is about a third of the cost of a big outboard which just hangs on the back of a boat and spins a prop.


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              If you put it like that it makes a little sense. I think one of the best values right now is the Rhino 450 at $7999 retail. I've heard of guys getting them for 7! Heck, I paid 7200 for my 02 Griz 4 years ago.
              A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                I think my 2004.5 Sportsman 500 HO is a great deal. It's listed in classifieds for $4800,It cost $6800 a year and a half ago.I bought a 6x6 Ranger.


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                  How do you like the Ranger? Does it have 4 wheel engine braking? How does it do on steep downhill slopes with a load? I have been looking at side by sides and I like the hauling capacity of the Rangers but Polaris does not show EBS as standard like on the 700's or even optional. I would probably not buy a 6x6 though. Maybe a Ranger XP.
                  A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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                    The other killer is that there are no more mid-size 4x4's anymore. My kids are getting big enough for 250's but nobody makes them anymore. All the 400's are as big as the 500's and 650's so it's a big pain in the butt. Yes, I know that your kids shouldn't ride full size ATV's until 16. But, hey, this is Alaska..LOL...
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                      Frank, thats why I went Honda when I bought my new one a couple summers ago. The last Honda lasted me 10 years and was only sold because of a move. I know the guy who has it and for a 13 year old wheeler well taken care of (kind of) its as good as new. Thats truly the only reason I go Honda is because they last forever, dont want to make that multi thousand dollar purchase more than once in a decade or so and I am not a fan of visiting dealerships of any kind, thats also why I have been driving Toyotas for 15 years. Like you stated, we only use them wheelers for a few months a year. A guy has to make smart purchases on quality stuff when signing loans for lots of money, it has to be worth it for the long haul cuz you'll be paying for the long haul! Oh and have you priced up sleds lately? Holy Cow is all I can say! $10,000+ for a snowmachine??????


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                        2003 arctic cat 4x4

                        my son is thinking about lettin his wheeler go.. He is 12 now and wants a sled... Good shape and low hours. around $2500.00 and its yours.




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                          Not to sound like a brand hound, Roland, but you are dead right. For some of us with the limited repair dough, its Honda, Yamaha, Toyota (for vehicles) etc.
                          Boat motors to lawn mowers, they are solid investments with little to no repairs. There is a reason you see Nissan, Toyota etc all over Central America, Africa etc. People dont have the resources and repair facilities for cars like we do here...
                          I remember Christmas Day of '92, my newer Chevy van (low miles) blowing a head gasket, --loaded with wife, kids and presents going to Grandmas.
                          I was totally disgusted and fixed it, sold it and I swore I'd never own anything but a Toyota--and never have since.
                          Proud to be an American!


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                            Anybody know anything about these vehicles?


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                              Do you build wheelers?

                              Many years ago when I was about 12 years old I had a job at a horse stable. I exercised horses and cleaned stalls. I remember all the different horses that were kept at the Horse stable, Arabians, shetland ponies, quarter horses, standard breds, welch, and on and on..
                              I had my favorites and soon I found myself complaining about certain breeds of horses.. Like I hate those Arabs, they have no hip and can't pull a steer, those Standard breds look goofy and can't run fast enough to scatter their own poop... on and on..
                              The wise old Owner of the place heard me talking this way to one of the other kids working there, and pulled us both aside..
                              He sat us down and asked us if we loved horses?
                              Yes we said..., but we like Quarter horses the best.
                              what about Shetlands? He asked
                              Naw,,, Shetlands are no good,, we said..
                              He told us we really did not love horses because a real horse lover loves um all... they all have a use that fits them well, such as carts for Shetlands, Smooth gates for the Standard Bred, long distance for the Arab and on and on...
                              I remember at that point that God gave us things here on earth to love, not to Hate, or waste time putting things down ,, Its much nicer to be grateful for all the diversity rather than to pick and choose with blinders on..
                              You know most of us have to buy our Wheelers, rifles and other outdoor gear, including our cars and trucks.., Most of us lack the knowledge and money to pull of making a product that will hold up better than what the existing manufactures are doing.
                              I have watched people post on this forum that they would not own a certain ,,this or that.
                              The fact is that I don't know anyone on this forum that has been able to pull of building a better product than the machine they so readily complain about. If that were true you would not be worried about the cost of a second hand machine. If You could build a better machine, then you would be bought out by one of the big boys and Cost of toys would not be an issue...
                              Its rude to put down someones purchase of a product.
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