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    Hey folks, I own a 2008 Yamaha Grizz 700. One of my rear wheels is bent, less than a 100 miles. The dealer is trying to go good for the wheel, but i am wondering, do you guys recommend wheels other than the OEM stock stuff? I am a big guy, 6'5" 315lbs. One of my buddies said to buy aftermarket steel wheels? Any suggestions

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    I stayed with the stock wheels, aftermarket wheels might be better looking but the associated cost prevents me from buying them. I've had no issues with stock wheels.


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      How badly bent??

      After a couple of years my rims tend to resmble octagons more than circles, but they hold air (some with judicious use of slime). I'm not a metalurgist but have the feeling that if need be appropriate application of a rock can straighten a steel wheel out enough to hold air where I might have peices of an aluminum wheel (not fixable with a rock).
      I can't prove it, but that is why I use steel wheels, I don't know if there is any diff in stock and aftermarket plain steel wheels though.
      There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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        Sock steel rims CAN BE FIXED with a ball-peen hammer. My son badly bent one of my front rims slamming into a stump or rock :eek: (not sure which).
        The air leaked out, but with some hammering around the rim (inside and outside of the rim) and a bottle of "slime" it has held air for a couple or years - although it doesn't look so great it works.
        This was on one of my Polaris' but the Yami rims on by 08 grizzly are about the same as far as strengh and thickness goes.


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          Something you may want to consider is a product called Rim Armor They're a UHMW disk which mounts over each rim, extending slightly beyond the rim, protecting the rims from rock dings, and your tires from sidewall-rim punctures. I've been running a set on my Polaris Rzr for a year, which still has four undinged stock steel rims.

          They come in a variety of color combinations, or the black-on-black model (which I have, see ), is pretty unobtrusive.


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