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  • Ranger Crew/ Kawasaki Mule

    I'm looking for opinions on a Ranger crew or the similar version made by Kawasaki.

    Due to some potential family growth issues I may need to go from 3 passengers to 5 (!). Not looking for a hardcore machine but more like a family rig for use on established trails and such. Will be used for camp transportation during hunting season.

    Anybody got one? What do you think about it?
    Might consider an Argo but I think those are quite a bit more cash and a lot harsher ride IIRC.
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    ranger crew looks grand and I was just about to get one because I have 5 kids and a family of 7 ... but then I realized my family likes to stay close to home so got a rzr for the turning radius and abilities.
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      We have three in our family plus the two dogs.. We use the RANGER XP version.. Polaris Junction has a real nice one sitten on the floor right now.. looks like an armored up RANGER.. bad ***!! The crew cab would definatley fit your bill.. I like POLARIS and the local Dealer is here in town. If you go with any other make your gonna have to haul it to Fairbanks or Glenallen to get it worked on... I like the convienance of having a local dealer.
      You may catch alot of flack for a crew cab.. me I say do what ya gotta do to keep the family togeather.. Of course if you had the $$$$$$$$$ to do it i'de get two RANGER XPs.. this way you can always have one to pull out the other when your out.. If your out alone in the crew cab and get stuck man.. feel for ya.. I got my RANGER stuck last season and it took me three days to get it out of the field because I was out alone.. finally another RANGER got me out..


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