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  • Trails on pow?

    Hello all, Any good trails or locations to ride on POW? If not trails how about rivers or creeks? thanks in advance!

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    POW Trails

    Send this over to the hunting forum and I'm sure you will get responses, I have never been there but have know several people who hunt there, some say you can ride everyday for a week and never drive the same road or trail twice.
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      I don't recall ever seeing an atv "trail" per say, one that is frequented by many people on 4wheelers just for fun. Occasionally you will see where someone has decided to forge out on there own through the muskeg with their quad. Most people with 4wheelers on POW use them simply for cruising the old water barred roads, and older overgrown roads. Im sure there are local spots where kids go to ride and such.. but as for actual "trails".. Not much.
      At least from what I have seen. Give the USFS a call down there. They could probably help you out.
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