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  • Shipping ATV for PCS?

    I am thinking about trying to PCS to Tx and I want to take my ATVs. How does it work as far as the military shipping them? I don't want to have to tow them all the way down.
    I would drive my RV and ship one car and the atvs.


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    I don't know if its changed or not when I ETS and was moving back up here TMO told me I couldn't ship my 4 wheeler. I even went as far to ask if I could ship it in the back of my truck and they said no. But thats 4 year old data. I guess if everything is clear as mud you could call TMO directly. Hopefully that might help you out.
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      You can ship them as part of your house hold goods... I hauled my motorcycles up here the reason I thought I was going to be over on my authorized weight little did I know I wasn't so I could of shipped those as well. I PCSed up here from huachuca and I shipped my Harley with my household goods.


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        I'll give TMO a call tomorrow. I hate to sell them now that they're payed for, plus set-up the way I want them.
        I plan on doing a full dity move and having them drop a pod off at the house. Hopefully they will allow me to ship them that way.
        I'll update when I hear from TMO.

        Thanks again,


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          Ken210 is correct, at least from the USAF standpoint. They count as weight against your household goods. Same as a motorcycle, a lawn mower, etc. You will have to check you weight allowance though,especially since you're doing a partial ditty move.



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            I have shipped ATVs with my household goods twice. TMO movers came out and crated my ATVs up with no issues. They have rules about it must drain the fuel and oil. I think they also require you to remove the battery.

            I didn't drain the oil as I had just accomplished an oil change just before they notified me I could include my ATV as part of my household goods. I also left about a 1/8th of a tank of fuel in it (the fuel gage showed "Empty"). I disconnected the battery but did not remove it. It was hidden up under the plastic so they have no way of knowing...when it arrived at the distant end, I had them open the crate. I reconnected the battery, fired her up and drove off the truck.

            Call TMO for details but you should be good. If you are worried about being close to your weight the movers some soda and pizza while they are packing your stuff up and mention you are worried about the weight. Also mention you have a case of beer for them after they are through packing your stuff for them to enjoy at the end of their would be amazed that no matter how much stuff you comes in just under your limit.
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              TMO wouldn't allow me to move a 12' jon boat and trailer (no motor) once because the clerk said the trailer was meant for road use and was beyond the limits of vehicles the government was going to ship for me on a PCS. :confused:

              The lady's boss backed her up and I never took the time to figure out if they were correct or not.

              The day Allied Van Lines showed, the driver asked if I had anything else to ship because I was way under my weight limit, and I told him I wanted to ship the jon boat and trailer, but TMO said no. The driver told me if I'd break the trailer down as small as I could, he'd take the boat and the trailer. :cool:


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                The transportation folks I dealt with were pretty good gave you everything you needed to know about moving.... Especially what you could and couldn't ship.


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                  Thanks guys

                  I spoke to a friend at TMO today and he siad it would go against my weight. He also said the trailer can only be 12ft long and the side rails can't be any higher than 48". We are mil to mil, so my weight allowance is pretty high.
                  We are looking at doing a full dity and packing everything into a pod.

                  Thanks again,


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                    Give this guy a call, I have talked to two people who have used him both before and after they PCS'd. My office partner is in the process using him. Everyone I talk to highly recommends him for DITY moves:

                    The Moving Man

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